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the church has an asymmetrical plan with an aisle only on one side
having parts that fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry.
translation of 'asymmetrical'
Unfortunately for the singer, the relationship between him and Kennedy was inherently 'asymmetrical' .
By the way, there's a difference between 'asymmetrical' dresses and dresses that are just two different dresses sewn together.
A bug-eyed waiter approached silently to offer me a multi-coloured drink in an 'asymmetrical' glass, reassuring me that it was just a dream.
Now it's gone all trendy - stone-flagged flooring, high tables and chairs of cast iron, the chairs being in a twirly 'asymmetrical' design.
Wool jackets have also been spotted in the same 'asymmetrical' , unbalanced cut as those in suede.
Apparently 'asymmetrical' earrings are what all the hip kids are wearing.
Designer Malini Ramani, who showcased her collection earlier in the day, also used 'asymmetrical' hemlines.
Power is always an 'asymmetrical' relationship based on different knowledge and its unequal distribution.
Consequently, external shocks will have 'asymmetrical' impacts on different economic sectors of each country.
However, 'asymmetrical' patterns often look more exotic than symmetrical ones.
At the very top of the structure is an 'asymmetrical' spire.
Dependency implies subservience in a power relationship which is highly 'asymmetrical' .
In this sense the causal relationship between God and creatures must be 'asymmetrical' .
The older building's square symmetry finds its opposite in the 'asymmetrical' cruciform of the new.
Here, the qualities of moulded mass-produced plastic are used to create an 'asymmetrical' sculptural object of refined beauty.
But Rieu's tweed suits are 'asymmetrical' and in contrasting bright colours, and her leisure outfits are decorated with a spiky geometrical motif.
They've been through so much more than most of us and, because of this, the relationships we have with them are bound to be 'asymmetrical' .
For naturalistic plantings, lay bulbs out in informal masses with curved borders and 'asymmetrical' shapes.
Unlike autosomes, X chromosomes are inherited in an 'asymmetrical' fashion.
We start with a series of drawings on white paper using a dark crayon, teaching symmetrical and 'asymmetrical' patterns.
The latest trend to jolt the watch industry is see-through straps, 'asymmetrical' dials, and funky colours.
This difference used to be attributed to the 'asymmetrical' shape of the human brain.
Grouping pictures in symmetrical or 'asymmetrical' groupings will always give a stylish look.
Anyone who's ever been to a physician recognises that the relationship between a physician and a patient is an 'asymmetrical' one.
An 'asymmetrical' blouse, a drop-shoulder blouse with bat sleeves and a long skirt with an uneven border were among those displayed.
Dressed in a leather aviator helmet, a long, black 'asymmetrical' skirt and punkish boots, she has a covetable designer scarf wound around her neck.
You only need to worry about freckles if one gets bumpy or turns into an 'asymmetrical' , weird shape.
The new Freedom Tower, its 'asymmetrical' design intended to mirror the nearby Statue of Liberty, will take another five years to complete.
But it will have to adapt quickly to what has so far been an 'asymmetrical' relationship.
Humans find symmetrical faces more attractive than 'asymmetrical' faces.
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