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an Atlantic storm
of or adjoining the Atlantic Ocean.
translation of 'atlantic'
The long sandy beaches of Spain's north coast are lashed by 'Atlantic' surf and hemmed by rolling green hills.
Here they even import wine young (so that it suffers less on the 'Atlantic' crossing).
The picture here is of the sunset from the 'Atlantic' coast of Tobago, just outside my hotel room.
On the rough 'Atlantic' coast you could imagine yourself in Kerry, were it not for the temperature.
She said that anyone could be a part of the 'Atlantic' team if they were active and had initiative.
For sailors stuck inside during an 'Atlantic' storm, it must have been hell on water.
She was trying to break the record for an 'Atlantic' crossing.
The call was made in a statement at the end of the two-day meeting in a luxury resort on Florida's 'Atlantic' coast.
It also helps to steer our 'Atlantic' weather depressions from their normal eastward movement.
At least half of English foreign-going shipping was engaged in this burgeoning 'Atlantic' trade.
A search by the family of an 'Atlantic' rower missing off the west coast of Ireland has been called off.
I had packed for cold 'Atlantic' gales, not taking the Gulf Stream seriously.
The island basks in year-round subtropical sunshine, wafted by gentle 'Atlantic' breezes.
Sites for experimental wave turbines have already been identified on the island's 'Atlantic' coast.
Exposed to the full roll of the 'Atlantic' swells, the north coast is best for beaches.
The variety is also grown on Spain's Canary Islands off the 'Atlantic' coast.
It was part of an epic holiday that took us thousands of miles along the 'Atlantic' seaboard of Canada and the Viking Trail.
It is more common on the 'Atlantic' coast of France, and there are interesting Breton recipes for preparing it.
The locals claim that this is where the 'Atlantic' climate meets the continental climate.
This is a classic soup from the repertoire of cooks from the 'Atlantic' regions.
His travels took him first to the 'Atlantic' coast and then across the continent to the Indian Ocean.
The small boat punched its way through the heavy 'Atlantic' swell and green seas crashed over our bows.
Its huge windows offer sweeping views of the fields, flowers and 'Atlantic' waters that make Seil so tranquil.
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