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लेखा परीक्षक
The decision to appoint an external auditor for the bank is the mandate of the board of governors, a body superior to the board of directors.
a person who conducts an audit.
so low was Jim's voice that his auditors had to give it close attention
a listener.
translation of 'auditor'
लेखा परीक्षक,
I sat in my 'auditor' 's seat listening to her.
The decision to appoint an external 'auditor' for the bank is the mandate of the board of governors, a body superior to the board of directors.
He stressed that the accounts have been audited internally, are open to public inspection and will be assessed by an external 'auditor' .
The internal audit committee must agree with the appointment of external 'auditors' .
American lawyers say that it is almost impossible to sue external 'auditors' for the debacle.
The quality of the information is based on the board asking the right questions of the external 'auditors' , hence the need for qualified financial experts.
The Companies (Auditing and Accounting) Bill would require more exacting scrutiny by 'auditors' and accountants.
Far from merely scrutinising financial operations like external auditors, internal 'auditors' look at the broader picture too.
Dublin City Council's 'auditors' are conducting a study on how much taxi drivers are losing.
External 'auditors' are barred from consulting work.
However, the specific divisions must compulsorily be present in the 'auditorial' report.
Frequently lacking any background in finance and accounting, these directors were rarely in a position to challenge management or external 'auditors' .
Not just for accountants but for managers, 'auditors' , share-holders and company directors, the world is now a different place.
More than ever, external 'auditors' will be conducting their examinations with an extra dose of professional scepticism.
Companies are hiring outside 'auditors' to investigate whether abuses occurred in any of their funds.
Submit to the Unit Auditor copy of all contracts within five days for legal and 'auditorial' review.
The independence rules require that 'auditors' refrain from investing in companies that they audit, to ensure objective, truthful reporting and opinion.
The principal question for determination by the learned trial judge was whether the inquiry by representatives of Revenue Canada was 'auditorial' or investigatory in nature.
Governors will in future directly appoint and manage external 'auditors' on fair trading, rather than through an Executive department.
It remained liable for the monitoring of the company, even when external 'auditors' were appointed.
Also gone are the days when the external 'auditors' may perform the internal audit function.
The 'auditors' have also informed the council they will be arriving to go through the accounts of the charter celebrations.
Investigators are reported to have documents in which company managers and external 'auditors' allegedly drew the attention of the management board to the property valuations.
To render speedy audit services to the City Government under the 'auditorial' jurisdiction of this office.
For example, 'auditors' study internal audit reports and results to determine areas for audit emphasis as well as potential cost savings.
He has ordered government 'auditors' to conduct a study on the use of secret funds and report findings by year end.
It buys you a moment to get used to being on stage, it gives you a chance to speak out loud and to steady your voice and it establishes a relationship with the 'auditors' .
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