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the sultry haze of late August
the eighth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of summer.
she was in august company
respected and impressive.
translation of 'august'
The Jockey Club is the 'august' racing body that presides over equine nomenclature.
At first, in honor of the 'august' occasion, he felt obliged to sound stuffy and learned.
I suspect that the good Rabbie, who also enjoyed partaking of strong alcohol, would have been in his element surrounded by such an 'august' body of men.
Perhaps you mean that we need the moral imprimatur of this 'august' and esteemed body.
It's a great show and demonstrates why the photographer is now a member of that 'august' body Magnum Photos.
I have some suggestions for serious consideration by the 'august' committee.
The reasoning of the officials of this 'august' body is that it will all be good for the future of Sligo.
They have invited every member of the Western club to a champagne reception in the 'august' surroundings of Turnberry Hotel on Thursday evening.
Here is her contribution, as delicately phrased as one might expect in such an 'august' literary journal.
I've also decided on a couple of names, should I be successful in my application to join the 'august' body.
This 'august' body has been set up to help promote independent Glasgow restaurants and the culinary delights to be discovered therein.
Some of the alumni of that 'august' organization are still my best friends.
I am sure that the 'august' body called the Law Society would like to know where we are at with regard to that legislation.
There's no escaping it, not even in the 'august' galleries of the Museum of Modern Art.
The ballroom of the Residency was packed with an 'august' audience who were there to witness the honour for the trio.
They are regarded as less stuffy than the 'august' Royal Scottish Academy, and pride themselves on encouraging new art.
This is something that even our 'august' Royal Society has failed to grasp.
Needless to reiterate, he is the first and the only non European to head the 'august' body.
Printing such an article is beneath the dignity of this 'august' journal.
Not only was she the first woman to enter that 'august' company but, at 41, is also one of the country's youngest judges.
But Her Majesty openly rendered to Diana the sort of 'augustly' understated nod that her top courtiers offer her day by day.
Darwin may rest 'augustly' beside Sir Isaac Newton in Westminster Abbey, while Wallace lies modestly in the little cemetery in Broadstone.
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