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Are Scots more likely than Australians to observe their national day with reverence?
a native or inhabitant of Australia, or a person of Australian descent.
He has a review of a book of stories about Australian history.
of or relating to Australia.
translation of 'australian'
The bank's 'Australian' owner had announced plans to close 100 branches in the UK.
she's an 'Australian'
He also came face to face with a bearded dragon - an 'Australian' lizard, stick insects and a tarantula.
Finance is the only stumbling block as the 'Australians' are extremely keen on the idea.
It was announced earlier this week that due to illness his 'Australian' tour has been cancelled.
Throw in the passionate love of sport of so many 'Australians' , and the stage is set for a memorable Games.
Along with most 'Australians' , I do not want a world in which one country has all the power.
If 'Australians' choose to rally around a symbol it should be one that unites not divides.
For the Prime Minister, this is about the symbolism of the 'Australian' farmer.
Do 'Australians' really want to be told by the State what to do in their personal life?
The group is in town as part of its 'Australian' tour.
Management of the 'Australian' economy is something not to be taken lightly.
He was a member of the 'Australian' delegation to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.
The Art in the Heart project highlights the 'Australian' approach to the Arts.
Seeds of many 'Australian' species require several months' storage before germination is possible.
Before the 'Australians' take all the credit, I should say that the French got there first.
The 'Australians' looked disorientated at the aggression directed towards them.
In December, 1841, they both crossed to Victoria on the 'Australian' mainland to join the gold rush.
We are working hard to ensure older 'Australians' are able to live in dignity and comfort.
He has a review of a book of stories about 'Australian' history.
he's 'Australian'
Baudin sent him back to France, loaded with a great wealth of specimens of 'Australian' fauna and flora.
One of the worst things about 'Australians' is that we tend to dismiss our history.
Finally, 'Australians' have been appalled by the random nature of the terrorist attacks.
Nature periodically reminds 'Australians' just how fragile their hold on the land is.
There is a higher percentage of 'Australians' overseas than there are Americans with passports.
Most 'Australians' still feel proud of what their nation did to help its tiny neighbour.
We must remind the 'Australian' people not only of the alternatives, but of the consequences of change.
Not much is left here from the great reputation 'Australians' got after the Olympics.
When 'Australians' hear that I am a Queenslander born and bred they tend to nod wisely!
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