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बहुत बढ़िया
the awesome power of the atomic bomb
extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
translation of 'awesome'
बहुत बढ़िया
This is ballet on tarmac and the high speeds involved make this an 'awesome' spectacle.
In the end political and military judgments have to be made and those who hold power have the 'awesome' task of making them.
I've been looking at it for a couple weeks and it's 'awesome' , both design wise and linguistically.
York Minster, 250 years in the building, is an 'awesome' display of the creative genius of man.
Having said that, he is a thunderously 'awesome' singer and had the engineers at Battery in absolute thrall.
Last week again Afghanistan was subjected to the 'awesome' destructive power of the zilzila.
Aside from that function being fun on its own, I found on it some 'awesome' channels.
We ask you also to join us in praying for great wisdom for our world leaders upon whom rest such 'awesome' responsibilities.
This is the most amazing, 'awesome' and deadly frightening image of fire that it's been my privilege to see.
The birds' mother is also an 'awesome' sight, as she flies onto the nest with a fish in her mouth to feed her young.
The feeling you get from helping someone else is 'awesome' and is returned to you ten-fold.
This girl can sing - and she did an 'awesome' take on the song with only a few little issues with the notes.
Our family has thus been confronted with the 'awesome' effects of a single gene.
Last night I had an 'awesome' chat on the phone with Mel, my friend back in Canberra.
The 'awesome' majesty and power of these mountains is breathtaking and I look at them every day.
One feels so helpless, so small in the face of such 'awesome' power being so recklessly cast about.
For the purposes of this review, we will use Paddy's as the archetypal 'awesome' bar.
To see a hammerhead eat a surface bait is spectacular, but to see two fight over it is 'awesome' !
It wants to crush any alternatives, and to intimidate the world with its 'awesome' military power.
Back to back they sound 'awesome' , as does most of the rest of the album.
Heavy, heavy, sung in German, and laden with the most 'awesome' riffs available in heavy metal today.
Jacob was an 'awesome' help to me too, setting up my floor lamp and my bed, and moving furniture around.
The best way I can describe it is wanting to work with nature, of acknowledging its 'awesome' power.
Nor was there as yet any sign that the arguments had undermined men's belief in the 'awesome' powers of an anointed king.
What will always stand out, though, is the 'awesome' and incredibly magnificent make-up.
I've heard whispered tales of how ridiculous and 'awesome' this movie is, but haven't seen it yet.
The super-long socks that Frank bought me in England are the most 'awesome' socks ever!
I feel honored to be able to help out these excellent people with such an 'awesome' event.
One wonders what treasures may still remain buried and undiscovered, such is the 'awesome' scale of the place.
Being able to stand so close really enables you to get a feel of the real power in the waterfall, it really is an 'awesome' spectacle.
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