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no police backup could be expected
help or support.
automatic online backup
the procedure for making extra copies of data in case the original is lost or damaged.
translation of 'backup'
डब करना
Also, let's say that you have no 'backup' storage devices, and you have some large files that wouldn't fit on another partition.
I just found and loaded up a 'backup' of my eudora install, circa late 1996.
If they suspect someone of being armed then they will need to call for 'backup' from regular police as the community officers will not have the training or equipment to deal with suspected armed people.
a 'backup' system
‘We found the transmitter within an hour and called police for 'backup' ,’ one of the enforcement officers told us.
Or, combine your 'backup' generator with a renewable energy system, and declare your total independence from the grid!
Computer hell is the place for computers without computer 'backup' .
I've got a security force as 'backup'
If your 'backup' generator isn't powering the refrigerator, raid it for the food, but don't open the door more than necessary.
We used a feature in both 'backup' apps to simply replicate the folder, so that compression overhead wasn't a factor.
The hosting company should have a 'backup' of the site.
Support groups providing 'backup' for people to resist the cravings are available in Darwen and Accrington, with a new group expected to start in Clitheroe next month.
He will serve as the primary 'backup' at second and third and possibly at first, and he also could play at shortstop or a corner outfield spot.
automatic online 'backup'
The club still is looking for improved defense, speed, a 'backup' catcher and a reserve outfielder.
These were people who were never out of their own parish and they were sent to England without any sort of 'backup' or support.
When confidence and good fortune stops, you need 'backup' and we have not got that kind of support.
A built in backup system enables data 'backup' to a tape or hard drive.
Yet she had to meet that demand without any of the formal 'backup' that a minister or minor royal would take for granted.
Retrieving the 'backup' from the district mainframe required calling the school IT person in from home who was less than thrilled.
Copy and move functions include replication, remote mirroring, and online 'backup' .
Copying a CD or DVD is a way to sample the movie or disc and then keep it as a 'backup' once you go out and buy the industry packaged version.
A similar volume is likely to be sold for use as 'backup' storage for notebook and desktop computers.
The software giant went on to warn that the danger from shoddy 'backup' procedures will be compounded by what it predicts will be sharp increases in the number of laptops being damaged or stolen.
Several minutes later a call for 'backup' came over the police radio.
a 'backup' generator
the filter is an excellent 'backup' to other systems
This friend had just recently reminded him that the 'backup' existed.
a 'backup' generator
Of the people surveyed 14 per cent said they had pet insurance, compared to 20 per cent of companies which have external support or 'backup' .
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