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customers bagged their own groceries
put (something) in a bag.
in 1979, handgun hunters bagged 677 deer
(of a hunter) succeed in killing or catching an animal.
brown paper bags
a container made of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things.
Looking at photos of other teal hunters' bags , most seem to hold a high percentage of adult male bluewings.
the amount of game shot by a hunter.
translation of 'bag'
शिकार मरना,
थैले में रखना
Once I heard little more than static coming from my earpiece, I decided to humor the old 'bag' .
The terminal was evacuated while a suspect 'bag' at left luggage was investigated.
Orta was called safe on a grounder even though the throw beat him to the 'bag' .
these trousers never 'bag' at the knee
There were 3 possible destinations: over her trainers, into her popcorn container or into my 'bag' of chocolate brazils.
It was very vexatious; but still three lions were not a bad 'bag' for one gun before dinner.
Wealthy Britons pay tens of thousands to 'bag' a lion, elephant or polar bear in trophy hunts that recreate images of a bygone colonial era
He put his 'bag' in a luggage rack and as more passengers got on the train he was pushed further away from it.
We could bang on about adding value, or whatever marketing thing is a hot topic at the moment, but that's not our 'bag' .
an interfering old 'bag'
In all of the zones where the hunting of this species is authorized, the 'bag' limit is one moose per two hunters per year.
He takes a few steps past the bag and the right fielder throws the ball to the shortstop at the 'bag' .
Unstacking some containers in the corner, she pulled out a 'bag' of rice.
I would probably refuse to go out with the man simply because of the snoopy old 'bag' .
It is a devastating piece, one that rises to violence, and yet director Marcus Romer rightly judges that Mag should not be a one-note, sour old 'bag' .
The robber took her shopping 'bag' containing her pension book and purse, leaving her with a black eye, broken arm and extensive bruising.
By the TV, a full 'bag' of recyclables had fallen over, spilling its contents onto the otherwise clean floor.
Let me just get my speech out of my evening 'bag' and say thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the past year.
Not that there's anything wrong with that - but not my 'bag' .
You can spend hundreds of pounds on luggage or bungee an overnight 'bag' to the luggage rack.
The goal with professional hunter Gordon Duncan of Shangaan Hunters in Zimbabwe was to 'bag' a Cape buffalo.
He smiled innocently, pulling his shirt up and letting his checkered pants 'bag' low under his hips.
these trousers never 'bag' at the knee
A few minutes later and they were out of the store, each carrying a shopping 'bag' .
A zero 'bag' limit will now apply to wobbegong sharks.
But he was never very good at putting things back together so that one of his friends bet another a 'bag' of sweets that Stephen would never amount to anything.
Once they had lost the old 'bag' , the six calmly went down the stairs.
In the ambulance, the EMTs took the decedent's vital signs, continued to 'bag' him with high-flow oxygen, monitored his heart, and gave him CPR.
They're accosted by Joan Rivers who demands to know which designer made their gown, their jewels, their evening 'bag' .
It's a bit on the simpering side and just was not my 'bag' , but it sure was quick to read.
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