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doors are banded with iron to make them stronger
surround (an object) with something in the form of a strip or ring, typically for reinforcement or decoration.
the bird's bill is banded across the middle with black
mark (something) with a stripe or stripes of a different color.
wads of banknotes fastened with gummed paper bands
a flat, thin strip or loop of material put around something, typically to hold it together or to decorate it.
a long, narrow band of cloud
a stripe or elongated area of a different color, texture, or composition than its surroundings.
translation of 'band'
वादक मंडली,
सशस्र जत्था,
बैंड बाजा,
संगीत मंडली
He hoped she saw the gold 'band' on his left ring finger as he felt her gaze on him.
Appropriately, the 'band' features a fabulous fat tuba player spitting out bass notes.
a narrow 'band' of gold was her only jewelry
Mr. Reubens twisted the simple 'band' of gold once, twice, three times to the right upon his left fourth finger.
Philip was born a Shushwap Indian, part of the Little Shushwap 'band'
At a distance, in the Games Village park, a live orchestra 'band' played on.
It's targeted at youngsters who own their own instruments but don't normally get the chance to play as part of a 'band' or orchestra.
All the sub-streams are transmitted in the same frequency 'band' , so spectrum is used very efficiently.
The 'band' was divided into ten small groups, each covering a certain area of the city.
We placed a metal 'band' on one leg of each bird and a unique pair of colored bands on the other.
The other was small, dainty and was little more than a 'band' of gold with a ruby set in the front of it.
Then with the early light came ‘the clash of brass’ as the 'band' of the Royal Marines marched by.
Only a thin 'band' wrapping around the back of my head, roughly at ear level, glows yellow.
The blue line intersecting the orange 'band' of the 401 in the lower left indicates the ravine and the site of the crash.
A 'band' of gold seals the wedding vows, and fifty years later the metal valorizes the most exalted anniversary of married bliss.
In usual Smart style, a contrasting 'band' of colour surrounds the side doors.
The one approaching her was about nineteen or twenty, and she also had a gold 'band' on her ring finger.
All that I had to do was ask the other girls to tie a little 'band' around it then loop it around.
Victoria settled the velvet 'band' on her hair
the 'band' of limestone continues north on the same contour
Aidan is also a member of the Mayo Concert Orchestra, and probably the most experienced musician in the 'band' .
Four members of the present band also play with the Graig Brass Band, a 'band' with a long history stretching back to the 1760s.
Now Wanderers are going a step further with their own Reebok Rhythm sound, based on a percussion 'band' from Ghana.
Shrugging, I retrieved it from her, fastening the dark 'band' of material around my head.
Sceptical as I was at the start, playing in a percussion 'band' was also good fun.
a 'band' of eminent British researchers
I moved my body in synch with the early 90's music, assuming the role of the 'band' 's vocalist with zest.
The last 12 months have been nothing less than awesome for this four-piece 'band' , who got together just over two years ago in Glasgow.
Round Syal's wrist is a thin 'band' , a gaga, that represents a Diwali prayer.
The show was backed by a world-class 'band' and a string quartet.
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