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the rain banked the soil up behind the gate
heap (a substance) into a mass or mound.
the plane banked as if to return to the airport
(of an aircraft or vehicle) tilt or cause to tilt sideways in making a turn.
willows lined the bank
the land alongside or sloping down to a river or lake.
a bank of clouds
a slope, mass, or mound of a particular substance.
translation of 'bank'
बैंक से लेन-देन करना,
बैंक में खाता रखना,
महाजनी कोठी
बैंक में जमा करना,
बैंक में पैसा रखना,
भरोसा रखना,
आशा करना
However, there was one clear distinction between giving and taking interest on loans and 'bank' deposits.
We were still in a 30-degree angle of 'bank' turn to the left, but my senses were telling me I was straight and level.
The bank can also change hands after any hand if the existing banker wishes to sell the 'bank' to another player at a mutually agreed price.
Street kids in Nepal are now being given the opportunity to 'bank' their money, so that bigger kids won't beat them up and steal it.
I 'bank' with Alliance & Leicester, which offers travel insurance as part of its account service.
As the aircraft continued to 'bank' to about 80 deg, ground contact became more positive and the left wing started to buckle.
The Glasgow plan aims to quicken the pace of development at Atlantic Quay and surrounding land on the north 'bank' of the river.
A job 'bank' computer is also available at the office and helps those looking for work to see what is available.
Here the 'bank' would take half the money that had been staked on the paired cards.
His vendor will then 'bank' the money - and it may be loaned to someone else.
Dead ahead, blue sky is visible, a 'bank' of clouds farther on.
There is a 'bank' of volunteer drivers available although many groups prefer to use their own.
willows lined the 'bank' of the stream
Its English news studio sports a 'bank' of TV monitors just as CNN does.
Additionally, you can only be the banker for one hand, after which the 'bank' reverts to the dealer for the next hand.
Early stage and start up companies that 'bank' with AIB will qualify for a 30 per cent discount on Sage products.
a paper 'bank'
Guessing he knew best, I once again pulled power and rolled the aircraft to a 45-degree angle of 'bank' .
Crackdowns by the Criminal Assets Bureau have made criminals reluctant to 'bank' their money in the republic.
'bank' of earth
It consisted of a 'bank' of electronic tone generators and an associated array of processing devices that regulated the nature of the sounds.
It is not the mast but the 'bank' of aerials at the top that radiates microwave energy.
Your handling has started to degenerate and you are having trouble holding 'bank' angles.
Maybe the low altitude intimidates the pilot and the bigger 'bank' angle seems threatening.
a blood 'bank'
The eye 'bank' is accessible round the clock through a dedicated hotline 1081.
This amount of money could be supplemented by a loan received from a 'bank' - high interest, but easily accessible as a last option.
The number of eggs stored in the egg 'bank' varied within and among species but was usually lower in the temporary pond species.
Whenever I saw him standing at the 'bank' of elevators, I'd quickly turn and scurry away.
With two pawns safely in the 'bank' , the rest should only be a matter of technique - something Svidler has in abundance.
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