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a banner in the front window announced “Grand Reopening”
a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, hung in a public place or carried in a demonstration or procession.
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a heading or advertisement appearing on a web page in the form of a bar, column, or box.
I predict that 1998 will be a banner year
excellent; outstanding.
translation of 'banner'
झंडा लगाना
Different types of oranges have good years and bad years, L' Hoste says, adding that one 'banner' crop is typically balanced by a sluggish one.
The decade had two true 'banner' years, at its beginning and its midpoint.
We didn't have soft money, but we had ideas and we had vision and we had principles and we had things that attracted Americans to our 'banner' .
Set up a rotating 'banner' system on your web site and track response rates.
To be sure, and despite some close calls, it was another 'banner' year for Wall Street Structured Finance.
As his Roush Racing teammates had 'banner' seasons, Jeff Burton continued to slide.
Special requests were sent to technology centres in various universities and colleges to allow us to place a 'banner' on their Web site and to invite student participation.
The day before Ælfred was expected two riders came down the clay road through Kilton, bearing each the 'banner' of the King of Wessex.
It has been another 'banner' year for baseball's most storied, hated franchise.
Most of the commercial media on the Web is free and supported by 'banner' and text ads.
A new supporters' club has adopted the name ‘Red Ultras’ and carried a 'banner' with the slogan into matches at Pittodrie and in Glasgow.
His Noodles & Co. restaurant chain has had another 'banner' year, and he's reaped some rewards from the down economy.
How sad it was to see so much fervour amongst my own countrymen in taking up the 'banner' of support for the US in their actions against Iraq.
A young person from each parish will carry their parish 'banner' in the entrance procession.
But even in that 'banner' year, Apple's creative energy hasn't amounted to very much in financial terms.
Last year was another 'banner' year for the U.S. motorcycle market, which continues to enjoy growth across the board.
Adam Smith, whose 'banner' Milton Friedman has borne high, said, ‘There is much ruin in a nation.’
Now that Gonzalez has rejected the Yankees, perhaps he can concentrate on turning a disappointing season into another 'banner' year.
Workers carried a large Solidarity 'banner' and chanted antigovernment slogans during the demonstration.
Users visiting websites that carry 'banner' advertising delivered by our system were periodically delivered a file from the compromised site.
Green's 'banner' season was not entirely a surprise, though.
With just a slight stretch of the imagination, fanatical support for a football club could come under the religion 'banner' .
Stunningly, while their founder and guiding spirit has been sidelined, Graves's firms have had 'banner' years.
Well, if this is the kind of tone he wants to set for his party, 2006 will be another 'banner' year for Republicans.
The offense still is one of the league's best with WRs Ed McCaffrey and Rod Smith having 'banner' seasons.
A website logo or 'banner' should be a static graphic or text element on the page.
In asserting this, the Reformation unfurls the 'banner' of Free Spirit and proclaims as its essential principle: Man is in his very nature destined to be free.
Appropriately, the cultural-historical monument has been built close to where King Sakha raised his 'banner' of revolt and ultimately welded his people into the force that it is today.
Over 10,000 miners held a demonstration, carrying a 'banner' denouncing the government and calling for the arrest and public trial of the mine bureau directors.
Monaghan joined a number of men carrying a 'banner' bearing the slogan ‘Free all political prisoners now’.
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