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she bolts and bars the door
fasten (something, especially a door or window) with a bar or bars.
boulders barred her passage
prevent or forbid the entrance or movement of.
‘I have had iron bars , lumps of wood, bottles, stones and even on old bath thrown into my garden,’ she added.
a long rod or rigid piece of wood, metal, or similar material, typically used as an obstruction, fastening, or weapon.
He'll help with your bags, crack jokes, invite you to eat breakfast on his porch and - if things get busy - let you serve drinks at the bar .
a counter across which alcoholic drinks or refreshments are served.
everyone, bar a few ascetics, thinks it desirable
except for; apart from.
translation of 'bar'
अलग करना,
I stood at the 'bar' and stared at the barman, willing him to come to me next.
At home I made strong coffee and had it with a half a 'bar' of white chocolate but neither revived me.
to 'bar' sb's way
The rest of you will remain here, 'bar' the doors and windows, and afterwards stay well away from the windows.
political differences are not necessarily a 'bar' to a good relationship
The only items his wife has been allowed to give him on her visits have been a 'bar' of soap, toothpaste, petroleum jelly and six apples.
He reached below the 'bar' and pulled out a blackboard on which were listed, as promised, the different types of stew.
He also insisted his privileged background would not act as a 'bar' to winning over new Conservative supporters in Scotland.
He was the youngest parliamentary candidate in the general election 'bar' one.
He also plans to re-open the Parlour tea room, which is part of the complex, as a coffee and sandwich 'bar' .
the defendant appeared at the 'bar'
‘Well that would be nice,’ he replies, enigmatic 'bar' the faint hint of a smile.
This makes him the most important coach in Scottish rugby 'bar' one.
He buys Beth a present every day, even if it is just a 'bar' of chocolate.
It's a fashionable noodle 'bar' with prompt service and well-priced, tasty food.
Age is no longer a 'bar' to indulge in accessories, be it bags or jewellery.
But that is a practical problem which cannot constitute a legal 'bar' on a claim.
a sandwich 'bar'
That is, in effect, a total 'bar' on an existing cause of action.
He picked up a 'bar' of gold in his hands and, turning it over, discovered a tiny crown chiseled into one of the corners.
And last night, he was at his regular pub, with his regular partner, standing in his regular place at the 'bar' .
We then found an Irish 'bar' with a band playing, so the requests went in and, before long, the pub was reeling to the sound of The Fields Of Athenry and suchlike.
everyone, 'bar' a few ascetics, thinks it desirable
It will also feature a lobby lounge and bar, a pool 'bar' and a night club.
Included in the package are a 'bar' of soap, a toner and a moisturizer.
There is enough warmth in the hotel 'bar' and lounge to keep Wick centrally heated for weeks, and anticipation is running high.
The gardens, fuelled by tropical drizzle, are immaculate, as is the cosy 'bar' with fireplace, lit nightly at 6pm.
I deliberately went and stood at the 'bar' near by the group of girls on the other side of the pub, but they didn't even so much as look at me.
iron 'bar'
Indeed, on those grounds she did not consider that sub-section was a 'bar' to her proceedings.
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