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Melbourne is filling with tycoons, moguls, magnates, billionaires and mere millionaires.
a person possessing assets worth at least a billion dollars (or pounds, etc.).
translation of 'billionaire'
He is listed as the 'billionaire' whose net worth declined the most, a hefty 91 per cent.
First he was in Sudan, where he managed part of the Saudi 'billionaire' 's assets.
But there is no argument about his creative genius, which has made him a dollar 'billionaire' .
Being a 'billionaire' , he hopes, will at least give him a style edge over his opponents.
More recently, it's been a case of millionaires striking against 'billionaires' .
Five hundred and fifty 'billionaires' possess the same amount of wealth as the poorest 2 billion people on the planet.
We need to money to see this sight reserved for millionaires and 'billionaires' .
But Mexico has more 'billionaires' and millionaires than any country in Latin America.
Who cares about the squabbles between 'billionaires' and millionaires?
Six of the country's 'billionaires' have some involvement in Yukos.
Most of the Russian 'billionaires' and multimillionaires control raw materials and their associated industries.
This group of millionaires and 'billionaires' believes in the biblical adage that says, to whom much is given, much is required.
They each will hold enough other shares to make them 'billionaires' , at least on paper, if the IPO is successful.
Black homeownership is growing, as are the ranks of the Black millionaires and 'billionaires' among us.
At the same time I get angry when I think a bunch of 'billionaires' and millionaires are going to go on strike because they can only think of themselves.
Last year there were 497 'billionaires' with a net worth of 1.54 trillion dollars.
And there are multi-millionaires and 'billionaires' earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
Melbourne is filling with tycoons, moguls, magnates, 'billionaires' and mere millionaires.
The numbers of millionaires and 'billionaires' has grown in direct proportion to the numbers condemned to lives of misery and hardship.
What about a little more than a dozen 'billionaires' and 40 million poor people in Russia?
The Davos summit has been going on for decades, mostly as a place for 'billionaires' and millionaires to mingle.
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