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कार निर्माता
Chinese carmakers such as Chery Automobile Co. are also casting an eye to the region.
a manufacturer of automobiles.
Its automotive consultancy advised Nanjing Automotive, the Chinese 'carmaker' , on its recent purchase of the assets of MG Rover.
The 'carmaker' is pulling ads from certain publications.
J.C. Herz, the digital-culture writer, once told me a couple of years ago about a consulting visit she did to a major 'carmaker' .
The 'carmaker' says gas electric hybrid engines will be available in half of the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury lineup.
Analysts say Proton's best hope for survival is a partnership with a foreign 'carmaker' .
The fourth mainland 'carmaker' planning to sell shares, Guangzhou Automobile aims to become one of the three big car manufacturers on the mainland.
So new front windshields are treated to absorb harmful rays, though 'carmakers' don't usually coat side and rear windows.
Two of the biggest 'carmakers' are putting their rivalries aside and teaming up.
Chinese 'carmakers' such as Chery Automobile Co. are also casting an eye to the region.
Those are powerful advantages, considering how savagely mass-market 'carmakers' are discounting.
After years of leading us on, 'carmakers' roll out the first generation of off-road-ready hybrids
Computer modeling simulations of technical systems will also be key, and most 'carmakers' are already working to perfect them.
At the recent Auto Shanghai 2003, Nanjing Fiat grabbed three awards, the most among 'carmakers' participating in the show.
Some 'carmakers' also have been bumping base prices in increments so minor, most prospective customers don't notice.
However, there is still room for 'carmakers' to reduce prices as domestically produced cars still cost more than those imported from overseas.
As they did earlier with small cars and luxury sedans, foreign 'carmakers' have jumped to a quick lead with more car-like SUVs.
Volkswagen, Ford Motor and Toyota Motor are among the other foreign 'carmakers' that have also applied to lend money to China's car buyers.
Foreign 'carmakers' will make and sell whichever models they wish and set up nationwide dealerships and service networks.
U.S. 'carmakers' got into a price war five years ago to overcome the sagging sales.
To help drivers see better, some 'carmakers' are offering new options like bumper sensors.
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