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translation of 'cellulitis'
संयोजक ऊतिशोथ,
कोशिका शोथ
For instance, periorbital edema with proptosis could be the result of 'cellulitis' or acute bacterial sinusitis.
Infections such as mastitis and 'cellulitis' tend to be erythematous, tender, and warm to the touch; they may be more circumscribed if an abscess has formed.
Common skin infections include 'cellulitis' , erysipelas, impetigo, folliculitis, and furuncles and carbuncles.
Some patients present with congestive heart failure, stroke or a severe localized infection such as pneumonia, 'cellulitis' or septic arthritis.
Any infection in this area, as from a pimple or boil in the nostril or on the upper lip or nose, may cause a local tissue inflammation known as 'cellulitis' .
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