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Lord mayors and council chairpersons from all over Ireland met in the Seven Oaks Hotel recently for a training forum organised by the General Council of County Councils.
a chairman or chairwoman (used as a neutral alternative).
translation of 'chairperson'
The lack of a 'chairperson' providing leadership has also had a major detrimental impact.
As 'chairperson' of Ballycroy Community Council he welcomed everyone to the parish.
She sits as a recorder and she is also a part-time 'chairperson' of employment tribunals.
she's the 'chairperson' of the committee
It is of paramount importance that the 'chairperson' and the director work well together.
Additional payment is made to everyone, from group leaders, executive members through to committee 'chairpersons' and run-of-the-mill ward councillors.
The playground has been promised by successive council 'chairpersons' for several years.
Held in Athlone, the special training course was attended by newly elected mayors and council 'chairpersons' from every county.
This year's event was so successful that they have requested the same 'chairpersons' to manage it again next year.
Up to now local public representatives, excluding council 'chairpersons' and mayors, have only received expenses for their work.
In the last three years there has been a massive and pointless process of appointing directors, 'chairpersons' , executives, committees and managers, of proposals, objections, enquiries, planning and publishing and consultation.
Their age is an asset which still has value, because they can serve as advisers, consultants, honorary 'chairpersons' or directors in certain institutions, even after retirement.
Guests will include local dignitaries, Asian entrepreneurs and 'chairpersons' of other Asian networks and organisations.
The commission will comprise a chairperson, three deputy 'chairpersons' and three other members and will be elected for a term of six years by Parliament.
Council 'chairpersons' and their deputies also receive an additional allowance which is decided by the local authority while members of a council's strategic policy committee are entitled to an allowance of just over 5,000.
It is the rarefied cultural world of museums, art galleries and arts councils where talented and ambitious administrators and their equally intelligent and powerful committees and 'chairpersons' play the role of patron.
Sugar barons appoint their cronies or family members as 'chairpersons' and directors.
Lord mayors and council 'chairpersons' from all over Ireland met in the Seven Oaks Hotel recently for a training forum organised by the General Council of County Councils.
The minister was speaking when he met chief executives and board 'chairpersons' of statutory bodies under the Ministry of Commerce at the ministry's headquarters.
In the last few weeks all over Ireland, county councillors have been electing mayors and 'chairpersons' onto town, city and county councils in party-pacts the length and breath of this country.
Most of the focus groups met during the daytime: the focus group 'chairpersons' whose employment directly included their participation in the West Gate partnership did not like more evening meetings than were necessary.
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