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advertisers channel money into radio
direct toward a particular end or object.
the lower jawbone is deeply channeled
form channels or grooves in.
The bay includes saltmarsh, shallow and open water, tidal channels , mudflats and numerous islands, and a freshwater pond.
a length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.
Under this concept, multiple antennas simultaneously transmit different flows of data over one and the same radio channel and frequency band.
a band of frequencies used in radio and television transmission, especially as used by a particular station.
translation of 'channel'
It is possible that it represents an entirely artificial 'channel' , constructed when the marshes were drained as a replacement for this natural watercourse.
In the last four months, archaeologists have revealed the pool's 50m length and a 'channel' that brought water from the Silwan Spring to the pool.
Just recently new lights were installed in the 'channel' making it navigational at night for the first time ever.
Until 1881 wineries were not able to sell wine directly to the public but had to 'channel' their produce through hotels, the country's only liquor outlets.
They missed the 'channel' and went aground, burying the vessel a good four metres into the reef.
This is much the same as the 'channel' in radio, television, or cable TV.
To power their sawmill's waterwheel, they carved out a 'channel' which in effect created the island we know today.
The counselling service is a confidential 'channel' through which people begin to address problems.
It's multiple 'channel' so you can select a genre of music you like.
These elements 'channel' the traffic in front of the auditorium along drives that lead into the site from the highway.
In front of the shallow side of the eastern 'channel' is an area of brilliant white sand which splits the reef in two.
And MTV pledges to make stars out of some aspiring African musicians, as it launches its first pan-African 'channel' .
We duly set off, heading across the Eday Sound, a 'channel' of water between Sanday and Eday about three miles across.
Before joining the 'channel' in February 1998, he had spent 18 years with the BBC, where he edited Match of the Day, Grandstand and Sportsnight.
Usually these trips include passage to neighbouring Anti-Paxos, across the mile-wide 'channel' that separates the two islands.
The Minister was very supportive and has opened an ongoing 'channel' of communication with us.
an audio 'channel'
Diffuse seepage can occur on a wide front, especially near to the 'channel' where the water-table joins the stream.
He appealed to the EU not to 'channel' the money through the banks but directly empower the miners through their associations.
The original purpose of the canal was to drain the Lough Mask basin and provide a navigation 'channel' for commercial traffic.
The government will maintain its latest fuel subsidy scheme which will 'channel' direct cash aid to poor families once it raises fuel prices in October, this year.
It was conducted in response to the Geraldton Port Authority's plan to deepen the harbour and shipping 'channel' to allow vessels to take full loads when they leave the port.
an audio 'channel'
It will mirror the other segments and include two more water vessels and cascades, one more water 'channel' , one more lawn and one more plant bed.
the river is confined in a narrow 'channel'
Chairman, Tom Fitzgerald, said due to the present depth of the 'channel' , large vessels were restricted in entering the area.
A chain blocked the navigable 'channel' , secured on one side by the city walls and on the other by a tower on an island close to the shore.
Around me the water was moving slowly through the 'channel' towards the fjord.
To get millions of people to sit down in front of a TV 'channel' for any length of time and soak up all those advertising messages, broadcasters first have to spend big money.
The Navy concluded that the presence of the whales in an ocean 'channel' with calm water, which amplifies sound, caused the sonar to damage their ears.
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