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commendable restraint
deserving praise.
translation of 'commendable'
Make your own judgements, but I'll just mention a couple of 'commendable' additions.
As a president with a great sense of public relations, he may be 'commendable' , and so are his ministers.
This is very 'commendable' as far as standards and professionalism are concerned.
Steve Sterling did a 'commendable' job in his first year at the helm on Long Island.
She finds it difficult, but there are very 'commendable' qualities with her.
It is especially 'commendable' that he has made so many characters come to life in verse.
They went about their task with 'commendable' commitment, skill and enthusiasm.
Bringing cheer to the faces of the underprivileged is always a 'commendable' job.
There is a great interest in the swimming competition, which is highly 'commendable' .
This is very 'commendable' and those people have, I am sure, the silent thanks of the general public.
Many large corporates have taken 'commendable' steps to improve workplace posture and healthcare.
Still, he always does a 'commendable' job of putting a lot of good facts together in a small space.
She had been in ill health for sometime but had borne her sickness with 'commendable' courage and a serene nature.
I think that is very 'commendable' and that is not an issue in doubt.
I think it's very 'commendable' when young people want to live in a village, but they are being discriminated against.
This is indeed a very 'commendable' idea on which all religious groups must take appropriate action.
The solar system model was 'commendable' and the visitors were amazed by the creativity of the children.
I see it as 'commendable' effort especially when the last time I ran was like in 2002.
The other members of the cast do 'commendable' work with far less compelling roles.
Given just a couple hours to tell a tale I think all in all the folks involved did a 'commendable' job.
I would like to praise the actions of Mr Ashworth who behaved 'commendably' .
While there is little evidence of original research, she has 'commendably' pulled off the tricky task of bringing to life a cast of vivid and disparate personalities and setting them firmly in their period.
He was 'commendably' responsive to the galleries.
I'd say these are 'commendably' motivated people.
The motorway bus services are 'commendably' affordable but they will never be a realistic alternative for professional commuters until we have the motorways to do them justice and shorten journey times.
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