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inflation was comparatively low
to a moderate degree as compared to something else; relatively.
translation of 'comparatively'
तलुना में
Targets for these had been 'comparatively' low from the start, and even these were not reached.
inflation was 'comparatively' low
Although reported crime had risen, it remained 'comparatively' low and was well below the force average.
Some of these grounds are 'comparatively' obvious and relatively non-controversial.
It is 'comparatively' easy for a large company to add massive amounts of market value in absolute terms.
Well, in fact it was all uphill, but with the trickiest slope now in the bag, the rest of the hike was 'comparatively' easy.
there was 'comparatively' little money needed
The breaking stresses of stems are 'comparatively' easy to measure empirically.
This is tolerable as long as the level of that tax is 'comparatively' low.
It is 'comparatively' easy for anyone to develop a marketing plan showing forecasts and budgets.
Violent crime, theft and fraud are down, while criminal damage is 'comparatively' low.
they 'comparatively' assessed the results
inflation was 'comparatively' low
The latest generation of drugs that are 'comparatively' cheaper offer great promise.
One city becomes overdeveloped while the rest of the nation 'comparatively' lies fallow.
It is 'comparatively' easy to write about deprivation - to record the pathos of living in misery.
But our economy and our way of life both depend on 'comparatively' unfettered road transport.
they're 'comparatively' wealthy
It is not so easy to see why some other birds have become 'comparatively' scarce.
Ten years ago we had both a 'comparatively' low rate of tax and cost advantages.
Thus donations of blood will be 'comparatively' easy to justify, but giving a kidney would be more problematic.
It considered that the threat to public policy was, 'comparatively' speaking, only moderate.
The 'comparatively' lower salaries mattered less because doctors enjoyed autonomy and esteem.
If this explanation was the true one, it became 'comparatively' easy to suggest the cure.
In contrast, acquiring a large horse pack train was fairly easy and 'comparatively' cheap.
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