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the victims should be treated with compassion
sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
translation of 'compassion'
दया भाव,
I doubt if they understand what 'compassion' is, let alone know if they are not being given any.
Magnanimity and 'compassion' are my favourite virtues, but realism is close behind.
He moves silently in their midst with a gentle smile of infinite 'compassion' .
the victims should be treated with 'compassion'
At home, she was always taught that 'compassion' and understanding came before judgment.
All that commitment to charity, 'compassion' , and love was actually fuelled by hate.
Yet, the justice system frequently shows mercy and 'compassion' to those responsible.
Gentleness and 'compassion' cannot coexist with aggression and hatred toward others.
It could have been a testament to the horror of war and the need for love and 'compassion' .
There is not one word of 'compassion' or concern for the inevitable victims of another onslaught.
He demands no sympathy, but his articulate analysis enlists our 'compassion' all the same.
After supping her fill of horrors, her capacity to feel 'compassion' was deeply affected.
When disaster falls or tragedy strikes, what are the borders of our emotions and our 'compassion' ?
It is true that a small act of love and 'compassion' moves the world and touches people.
We missed the feeding, thanks to me and my friends' 'compassion' for my emotions.
They have absolutely no feeling of 'compassion' and they are not sorry for what they did.
The day that we lose 'compassion' for our fellow human beings will be a sad day indeed for humanity.
This fact alone should ensure that we as a civilised country treat animals with more 'compassion' .
He had no pity, no 'compassion' , no understanding of what the victims of war suffered.
However, lofty doctors who show no warmth, 'compassion' or concern are becoming rare.
the victims should be treated with 'compassion'
There was no look of 'compassion' or pity on her face, nothing save the cool gaze of her narrow eyes.
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