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conformity to regulations
compliance with standards, rules, or laws.
translation of 'conformity'
The influence of autonomous public opinion on legislation ensured that such legislation would be in 'conformity' with reason - otherwise the rule of law would be little more than a cruel and empty phrase.
The selective forces promoting such phenotypic 'conformity' in groups should in theory make it more difficult for group members to identify other individuals.
If such processes are in motion, they are likely already to be exerting pressure for 'conformity' in the structures and forms adopted by major multinational companies.
Those who are in revolt against society are conformists; they reject one form of conformity and accept another form of 'conformity' .
the goods were in 'conformity' with the contract
Shower trays come in an array of dimensions from square, rectangular and quadrant for corner units with coinciding shower enclosures to ensure 'conformity' in the bathroom.
Children receive rewards for 'conformity' to group behaviour and they are punished for dissension.
In any case, the current study clearly suggests that identification of any forces favoring vocal 'conformity' in parakeets should be a top priority for subsequent work.
Certainly, the widespread predilection for the fancy and frivolous has its roots in decades of drab socialist 'conformity' .
Treatment of the sewerage is in 'conformity' with the regulations and standards set by the Environmental Council Zambia.
A prevailing style of dress has become known as being ‘in fashion’, but fashion has been described as a tyrannically democratic force, enforcing 'conformity' to current social or moral conventions.
Leaders must act in 'conformity' with these accepted standards as they carry out the activities mandated by society.
We learn - still, now, despite the gains of feminism - not to call attention to ourselves, only to the signets of our 'conformity' : the sexualized conventions of grooming.
Strict 'conformity' to harsh social norms was demanded of everyone, regardless of status or wealth.
The mass media ‘behavior offensive’ that promoted social 'conformity' and moral order was designed to counter pressures on American culture from within and without.
We would look at it in 'conformity' with Spanish law.
If, on the other hand, the families of the deceased refused to show mercy and, instead, demanded justice in the form of a life for a life, the State was obliged to enforce capital punishment in 'conformity' with the law of equity in justice.
The reason why we place any credit in witnesses and historians, is not derived from any connexion, which we perceive a priori, between testimony and reality, but because we are accustomed to find a 'conformity' between them.
Conversely, the interdependent self focuses on sociocentric values such as dependence on others, duty, and 'conformity' to social norms.
The issue with contract documentation is having to deal with diverse conditions across the region making it difficult to harmonise and achieve 'conformity' .
In order to explore and expand, one must disregard convention and 'conformity' .
That passage seems to me to demonstrate a 'conformity' between the law of the Convention and the domestic law of England upon the scope of liability in third agency cases where the claim relates to serious injury or death.
There needs to be some 'conformity' between this legislation and what other departments are involved in.
It is important to ensure 'conformity' between the election law and any other national laws on non-discrimination or the equality of women and men.
Luckily for us, there are still individuals, like him, in sport as in business, who break the mould, defy convention and break through the culture of 'conformity' to establish their own pre-eminence.
The moral framework implies 'conformity' to ideals of right human conduct.
These objectives restate the Government's absolute commitment to act in 'conformity' with international law, including the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law.
loyalty to one's party need not imply unquestioning 'conformity'
The top of the basaltic sequence is the top unconformity / 'conformity' between the post-break-up sediments and the basaltic basement.
these changes are intended to ensure 'conformity' between all schemes
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