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In the congregation assembled for worship, these two movements meet, and the heavenly angels join the children of God in festal celebration.
a group of people assembled for religious worship.
large congregations of birds may cause public harm
a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things.
translation of 'congregation'
भीड़ या ढ़ेर की रूप में एकत्री करण,
Many of them wanted to use the lab both as an outreach program for the surrounding community and as a tool for Christian education within the 'congregation' .
the singing of psalms by the whole 'congregation'
The initiative is a global 'congregation' of universities and private firms striving to advance small satellite technology.
There was much upset in the village after a large 'congregation' gathered in order to see the band.
A small 'congregation' of birds flew away in consternation.
There should be hymn-singing by ragis or by the whole 'congregation' .
The twins split off the second they saw the 'congregation' of popular seniors.
For each song of the 'congregation' throughout the worship service, the organist plays the same servant role.
The 'congregation' is invited to attend this tragedy.
The 'congregation' of roosters gathered for the urgent aviary consultations nod in agreement.
that church took the place of the storefront the 'congregation' had used before the war
What ought to be worship from a 'congregation' has become entertainment for an audience.
Yet the Anglican Church in Africa will probably not be able to survive as we know it today if it is forced to cut off links with the 'congregation' in the West on this issue.
The whole 'congregation' was asked to stand and join in prayer for us.
In it the Epiklesis invokes the Holy Spirit over the assembled 'congregation' , but not on the elements.
drought conditions lead to the 'congregation' of animals around watering points
Outside, a 'congregation' of Rris were gathered around a stall where a pair were bickering, their animated snarls carrying over the street sounds.
The Baraka 'congregation' also includes international members from as far away as Korea and Sweden.
Ten acres were donated to the church, which will raise money within the 'congregation' to build a 7,000-seat sanctuary.
Now we have one or two homeless members that are a regular part of our 'congregation' .
In this process of mutual support, though, do they in any way create a congregation within the 'congregation' ?
The core 'congregation' that regularly goes to church is considerably smaller.
And, of course the cardinals will be in their general 'congregation' .
Slowly various people throughout the whole 'congregation' got to their feet, until finally all were standing.
he was a member of the Emmanuel Chapel 'congregation'
All around the meeting place are blocks of flats and the 'congregation' regularly does leaflet drops.
Sociological literature has addressed how religious ideals inform a 'congregation' 's public presence.
The cinema house is still basically a social space for mass 'congregation' .
This was a list of their religious and social demands and included demands that ministers should be elected by the whole 'congregation' and that they should teach the Holy Gospel in a pure and simple form.
This trend in modern suburbia has raised standards, creating more separate rooms in the house, freeing the living room from being a place of 'congregation' for the entire family.
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