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a contingent of Japanese businessmen attending a conference
a group of people united by some common feature, forming part of a larger group.
the contingent nature of the job
subject to chance.
resolution of the conflict was contingent on the signing of a ceasefire agreement
occurring or existing only if (certain other circumstances) are the case; dependent on.
translation of 'contingent'
टुकड़ी (सेना की),
There is also a strong 'contingent' of delegates from South Africa and Unesco.
So the recognition of 'contingent' liabilities in a company's bank account is to create a fund; is that the proposition?
Such exploration calls for a theory of the subject as a 'contingent' psychocultural construct implicated in the visual sign.
The empirical and 'contingent' conditions of effective agency set the terms of permissibility because it is through effective agency that autonomy is expressed (made real).
Unfortunately, little comment on the subject in political debate deals with these 'contingent' matters.
The rest of the piece featured the Royal 'contingent' .
Culturally, the Polish 'contingent' has held tightly to its folk and national roots, making Polonia more than simply a name.
Look closely at 'contingent' liabilities, which will be listed in the notes to the accounts.
Explanations of the origins of capitalism have thus far taken its advent in Western Europe as a given rather than a 'contingent' fact to be explained.
Another important area of concern to fiduciary investors is information transparency, in particular 'contingent' liabilities.
Yes, hard work is important but people are afraid to admit how 'contingent' they are on chance and luck.
The outstanding leave entitlement is absolutely crippling that organisation, and because of this nonsense its 'contingent' liability has just gone through the roof.
From this vantage point, the unfolding of life can be viewed as a tapestry in which every new thread is 'contingent' upon the nature, timing, and interweaving of virtually all previous threads.
I do not award damages under the heading of 'contingent' liability for refunds.
Where protest embodies an actual challenge to the stability of government power or ruling social elites, the 'contingent' nature of that right emerges.
It was a 'contingent' fact - not an a priori truth - that they were not.
But it was not to be for the Paisley 'contingent' , who had more than their fair share of them last time around.
A heavy 'contingent' of defence force personnel and special police disaster and reaction units plan to patrol the summit.
Our Army's battlefield success is 'contingent' on the right information reaching the right soldier at the right time.
The subject is a historically 'contingent' effect, but to see ourselves as purely victims of historical and spatial imperatives is to limit our understanding of what it is to be human.
It is not a mere question of genetics; heritage is not simply the legacy of blood-relations, but of a multiple and 'contingent' nature.
Where are the historical and 'contingent' facts?
The accompanying exhibition will feature the strongest-ever 'contingent' of Scots games producers.
For Zahar, the apparent difference between mass and energy arises from the 'contingent' fact that our senses perceive mass and energy differently.
And since this law must have no content provided by sense or desire, or any other 'contingent' aspect of our situation, it must be universal.
Too, in the casual encounter that may turn into commitment, the 'contingent' nature of existence can be clearly shown.
The largest number of vendors and the largest 'contingent' of delegates should have been a dynamite combination.
Orders were given to repair the walls and a 'contingent' of 20,000 troops was sent to confront the enemy.
The deploying 'contingent' includes the commander and the brigade operations command post, which is made up of both soldiers and civilian employees.
The Convention points to the primacy of children's rights over parental rights and to the 'contingent' nature of parental rights.
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