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the police looked for drugs, guns, and other contraband
goods that have been imported or exported illegally.
contraband drug shipments
imported or exported illegally, either in defiance of a total ban or without payment of duty.
translation of 'contraband'
निषिद्ध व्यापार,
विनिषिद्धव्याप व्यापार
At a frontier, one's personal belongings are subject to scrutiny, one's suitcases opened and searched for 'contraband' , and one's passport examined to ensure that one's credentials are in order, and all this is done by a customs officer.
I have researched 'contraband' caviar in Azerbaijan, in Astrakhan, and Moscow and have seen the toll it took on depleting fish stocks.
A Chinese fishing boat disguised as a Taiwanese vessel was intercepted off the coast early yesterday while it was attempting to smuggle a large amount of 'contraband' cigarettes to Taiwan.
If they catch me, I'll flee across the Mexican border with my truckload of 'contraband' .
There will increasingly be times when, encountering terrorists, 'contraband' smugglers, or others who are seeking to breach the law, customs officers will find themselves having to deal with this threat alone.
Buying and selling 'contraband' , falsifying documentation to achieve employment, evading taxes, and paying bribes to public officials are socially accepted behaviors.
Their assignment is to inspect the vast underbelly of a Greek freighter anchored in New York Bay for possible signs of 'contraband' .
So cooperative are some guards that they will warn prisoners if there is going to be a search of the cells, so the inmates can hide 'contraband' items like weapons, cellular phones and pornographic VCDs.
The proceeds of the drugs trade or other 'contraband' finance organised crime groups.
The tip-off led to the discovery of an illegal cigarette importation racket and a large quantity of 'contraband' was seized.
Last year customs launched a three-year £209 million strategy to tackle tobacco smuggling, but with a flood of 'contraband' cigarettes still easily available, some vendors feel more must be done.
Although I may agree that criminalizing alcohol was ridiculous, I cannot sanction the support that people gave criminal enterprises through their 'contraband' purchases.
More importantly, they want control of the 'contraband' trade in drugs and arms in the area.
But like drugs, and alcohol during Prohibition, black-market 'contraband' always provides a means to acquire whatever is the forbidden fruit of the moment.
An initial contingent of 300 forest rangers is being sent into the woods, to be deployed along the country's borders, particularly with Pakistan, where most of the 'contraband' timber is sold.
Smugglers and drug traffickers will find it even harder to sneak in 'contraband' goods.
There is no doubt that without the dogs some of that 'contraband' would go on down the road.
Although the gangs were predominantly comprised of labourers or artisans, who regarded the practice as a legitimate part of the local economy, the 'contraband' reached all sections of society.
They worked only at night, riding from plantation to plantation, stopping black people, searching their homes for 'contraband' and whipping any slave caught traveling without a written pass.
‘If his business is clean, we can dismiss the usual explanations of narcotics, 'contraband' or human trafficking,’ he said.
Lucian's family had a history of smuggling and trading 'contraband' items when taxes got too high for people's tolerance.
Their political power is tied to networks of corruption and 'contraband' .
Many 'contraband' items such as drugs are smuggled in without being declared even though it is common knowledge that the drugs trade exists.
In 1728 Spain founded the Caracas Company to combat this 'contraband' and to control exports to Spain from the region.
‘I'm convinced that such illegal activities will cease as soon as the police arrest the 'contraband' mafia bosses,’ she said.
Membership has instead arguably contributed to a growth in the shadow economy, and most notably, 'contraband' , due to tax harmonization.
The price differential is now €1.14 per litre in the North against 79 cent in the Republic, making for a lucrative 'contraband' market.
Its key characteristic is not cross border shopping and bootlegging but large scale fraud in which millions of cigarettes evade duty and appear on the 'contraband' market.
Warden replied that forfeiture ‘typically extends to the proceeds of some crime or 'contraband' .’
Massive police raids on 'contraband' markets in Mexico City earlier this year met with resistance from vendors who hurled sticks and stones and trashed vehicles to defend their merchandise.
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