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Robert's expression had obviously convinced her of his innocence
cause (someone) to believe firmly in the truth of something.
there is no convincing evidence that advertising influences total alcohol consumption
capable of causing someone to believe that something is true or real.
translation of 'convincing'
It was a result the Reds deserved - and it would have been a 'convincing' victory if their work in and around the box was as accomplished as the approach play.
In one paper after another, he offered further, increasingly 'convincing' evidence.
There's fairly 'convincing' anecdotal evidence that some personal electronic devices have interfered with systems.
Alternating in power with FitzGerald, he won a 'convincing' victory in 1987.
But even he was shrugged off in the final 100 yards as the favourite ran out a 'convincing' winner.
Trouble is, he sounds less than 'convincing' talking up Europe.
There is, as yet, no 'convincing' archaeological evidence for tin exploitation in the west of England in the prehistoric period.
Another person, confronted by apparently 'convincing' evidence, may reasonably suspect something.
This study provides 'convincing' evidence that upping our intake of fish oils is likely to offer considerable health benefits in the long term.
Last Tuesday, he added a 'convincing' win in New Hampshire to the previous week's victory in the Iowa caucuses.
The five-year-old was a 'convincing' winner at Redcar recently and looks capable of defying a 6lb penalty.
Not all experts believed that yesterday's report was 'convincing' proof that Scots are worse off than people south of the Border, however.
He sounded matter-of-fact when he told us good news and somehow sounded very 'convincing' when he came out with the not so good news as well.
This retirement left the way clear for David and Daniel to take a 'convincing' win on their first visit to China.
And strategy seems both clearer and more 'convincing' than this time last year.
The three specific instances behind the July 14 event are neither 'convincing' nor compelling.
But Barrow is keen to hammer another nail in their coffin with a 'convincing' victory to send the fans home happy.
Optimism proved short-lived, though, as Sheffield scored twice more to earn a 'convincing' victory.
He was part of that debacle two years ago and would like to lay that ghost to rest with a 'convincing' victory this time round.
Despite the 'convincing' victory, Lula's road to the presidential palace was long and bumpy.
There was fierce pressure to get a 'convincing' victory particularly after being beaten by them last year.
There is 'convincing' evidence in sociological literature that the search for solitude is not a luxury but a biological need.
His most impressive performance in Edinburgh was a 'convincing' win over his Welsh opponent.
From that point they did not look back and went on to a 'convincing' 81-53 victory.
It needs to be seen to be believed - it is very 'convincing' .
Sunday's parliamentary elections brought a 'convincing' win for the center-right.
This 'convincing' win sets the club up for a successful season and the first step towards a play-off promotion place.
It is unlikely that a figure will emerge in the next few months capable of posing a 'convincing' challenge to the incumbent.
In a pre-medical at the provincial commission offices yesterday both boxers predicted a 'convincing' victory.
Don't you agree that the above sounds more 'convincing' than spewing out black or white smoke?
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