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शिल्प कौशल
I admire his engineering skills and craftsmanship
skill in a particular craft.
translation of 'craftsmanship'
शिल्प कौशल,
a piece of fine 'craftsmanship'
However, with the increasing demand, the 'craftsmanship' has improved.
Over the years he constructed some magnificent stone walls around the county which bear testament to his gifted 'craftsmanship' in hard landscaping.
I enjoyed their early music the most, yet appreciated their 'craftsmanship' to the end.
Such roles allowed him to develop the range and 'craftsmanship' of his character performances.
I admire his engineering skills and 'craftsmanship'
Thus contemporary artists from Ukraine have a high level of 'craftsmanship' in common.
However, these materials often fell short in terms of 'craftsmanship' .
That emphasis is a little unorthodox in a country where fine 'craftsmanship' is still held in high esteem.
They were mostly made by local blacksmiths and many are excellent examples of 'craftsmanship' .
The charm of these prints is rather in the historical subjects than in the skill level of woodblock 'craftsmanship' .
It is all most splendid, showing English 'craftsmanship' at its best.
a piece of fine 'craftsmanship'
The music is often painfully beautiful, especially the love song Marie and the emotional wallow of Guilty, and Newman's 'craftsmanship' is consistently staggering.
Dad was also known for his skill in woodworking and 'craftsmanship' .
Beretta has long had a reputation for quality and 'craftsmanship' in Europe.
Piston, a superb craftsman in an era which distrusts 'craftsmanship' , nevertheless almost never allows craft to become the point.
Indulge in the quirky, delicate, 'craftsmanship' of a remarkable career remade up-to-the-minute yet timeless.
Sue Wong should be in New York or even Paris displaying her masterful 'craftsmanship' .
Produced throughout Europe, nautilus cups were an extremely desirable blend of superb 'craftsmanship' in combination with one of nature's most admired creations.
Maps that are relatively old still portray 'craftsmanship' we rarely see anymore. "
The splendor of the stonework in the villages testifies to the great 'craftsmanship' through the ages.
He thought there was a lot of 'craftsmanship' in old things.
I admire his engineering skills and 'craftsmanship'
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