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The warm summer air whipped through Chris' open window blowing with it the sounds of crickets chirping.
an insect related to the grasshoppers. The male produces a characteristic rhythmical chirping sound.
The village has a good sports field with football and cricket teams.
an open-air game played on a large grass field with ball, bats, and two wickets, between teams of eleven players, the object of the game being to score more runs than the opposition.
translation of 'cricket'
Byas is a down-to-earth bloke, as much at home on the family farm as he is in the 'cricket' spotlight.
a 'cricket' bat
He hails from a 'cricket' loving family where all his brothers played the game at the highest level.
Though 'cricket' brought her such name and fame, it is golf that runs in her family.
The village has a good sports field with football and 'cricket' teams.
The lack of patience from their batsmen has often been the bane of Bangladesh's 'cricket' team.
A Bradford man who was beaten to death in the grounds of a 'cricket' club is to have a special garden named after him.
He was murdered after he wandered off to play on swings as his family watched a 'cricket' match in a park.
We spend a fair bit of time away from our families, not as much as the 'cricket' boys, but you try to keep your family unit with you as much as you can.
Have countries gone to war and have people died in the name of 'cricket' ?
As we filled our pockets greedily, the family playing 'cricket' in the wind looked at us strangely.
Darren fondly remembers those early days, playing backyard 'cricket' with keen family and friends.
The next, he was dead, his family in a mess and the 'cricket' world in a state of shock and numbness.
If you left home and the family wireless, you were in the 'cricket' wilderness.
Tarquin had an uncomplicated life centred around work, the 'cricket' club and his family.
So many runs in three days of cricket can't be a good wicket for Test match 'cricket' .
I don't think I've heard of other chaps having a 'cricket' pitch named after them.
He organised combined services rugby union and 'cricket' teams to play against other countries.
Even if the 'cricket' committee did want to go for a top name, it is not certain that the hard-up club would be able to agree to cough up the wages.
they play 'cricket'
a game of 'cricket'
When a Jamaican family moves in next door and build a 'cricket' net in the back garden, David is thrilled.
A street in Saltaire has been named after one of 'cricket' 's greatest legends and a Shipley hero.
Near the end of the film, there's a scene that has the sound of 'crickets' chirping on the soundtrack, indicating it's taking place at night.
Insects such as the red locust, 'crickets' , grasshoppers, and flying ants are collected in season and either fried with salt to make popular snacks or dried for later use.
This little guy likes to find his way inside grasshoppers, 'crickets' and other plant-eating insects.
The only sounds were 'crickets' chirping and the sound of cars driving around on other streets.
That is why the basic lesson we teach the young players in the 'cricketing' academies around the world is to forge and sustain the team spirit.
He made a distinguished television programme about 'cricketer' Colin Cowdrey.
They also occasionally eat insects, especially grasshoppers, cicadas and 'crickets' .
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