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the cultivation of crops
the action of cultivating land, or the state of being cultivated.
the cultivation of good staff–management relations
the process of trying to acquire or develop a quality or skill.
translation of 'cultivation'
the 'cultivation' of crops
Networking and the 'cultivation' of contacts are both professional skills and survival skills, as is the continual updating of technological expertise.
Agricultural officials estimate that 150,000 hectares of paddy rice 'cultivation' has been ruined.
There is not a land shortage, but not all arable land is under 'cultivation' .
the economy was based largely on rice 'cultivation'
This rationality, though, is directed at improvement and 'cultivation' of the body rather than the mind.
Spiritual advance came from the 'cultivation' of appropriate attitudes rather than outward behaviour.
At present, however, only about 10 percent of the nation's agricultural land is under 'cultivation' , and subsistence farming is all but dead.
But problems in the nation's baseball development due to a lack of systematic 'cultivation' and training is more worrisome.
a man of 'cultivation' and taste
This success in weed control has resulted primarily from the extensive use of herbicides, changes in crop rotations and a range of 'cultivation' methods.
The 'cultivation' of detachment encourages an unselfish appreciation and enjoyment of nature without thought of profit and exploitation.
The village council or the lineage group did not have effective control over lands under 'cultivation' or fallow fields.
Access to agricultural land for 'cultivation' and capital for undertaking non-farm self-employment is critical.
Such traditional methods of rice 'cultivation' have proven a good match with today's environmentally-conscious consumers.
Now we have a system that will help us reduce or even eliminate the tillage and 'cultivation' that adds to our labor and harms the soil resources we so desperately want to protect.
But he repeatedly returned to education and 'cultivation' as central.
Use herbicide and 'cultivation' in grain cropping systems to reduce weeds.
It's understood as a mark of educated 'cultivation' , not wilful indulgence or evasion.
They developed subsequently, from less communally organized beginnings, chiefly to achieve a better integration of arable and pasture farming as more land was taken into 'cultivation' .
The 3,000 students the academy will be able to take will also learn animal husbandry and crop 'cultivation' to help themselves out of poverty.
His father was a well-known physician, said to be a man of 'cultivation' and taste.
They can be modified and refined through 'cultivation' , but must also come naturally.
If the government wanted more reasons not to embrace commercial 'cultivation' of genetically modified crops then it need look no further than yesterday's findings.
There is a tendency for people on both sides of politics to neglect the 'cultivation' of social skills and personality.
About 85 percent of all work resides in the traditional agricultural sector, comprising 'cultivation' of crops and rasing of livestock.
One must mature beyond eating things simply because they taste good and develop an attitude of eating for health preservation and personal 'cultivation' .
What I have yet to consider is whether this education-or call it 'cultivation' - is in fact there to be hidden.
Other cultural practices of tillage, 'cultivation' , herbicide application, and fertility were conducted as considered standard for the region.
He has the intellect and 'cultivation' of one, and the survival skills and supernatural instincts of the other.
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