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विकेन्द्रित करना
Canada has one of the most decentralized governments in the world
transfer (authority) from central to local government.
translation of 'decentralize'
विकेंद्रित करना
विकेन्द्रित करना,
स्थानिक प्रबंध का अधिकार देना
As technology evolves and organizations 'decentralize' , people on the front lines have far more independence and responsibility.
It would 'decentralize' international authority, allowing states to defend their interests without waiting for the go ahead from one recalcitrant sovereign.
new technology allows companies to 'decentralize' large factories
‘We should 'decentralize' authority to the provinces, and promote education in the provinces and make sure good schools are established not only in the capital,’ he said.
It is essential to 'decentralize' decision authority to the lowest practical level because overcentralization slows down action and leads to inertia.
he argues that giant corporations must 'decentralize'
European countries were trying to 'decentralize'
In some ways, Silicon Valley performs as a large, 'decentralised' organisation.
This was part of the bank's move to 'decentralise' its operations.
The only way to do that is through a federal system of government that 'decentralizes' power to the regions.
This paper carries the 'decentralist' concept further, exploring the concept of a purely voluntary city based on neighborhood associations, in which all governance is voluntary and contractual.
He has more to do to modernise and 'decentralise' Britain's very centralised system of government and to revitalise our local democracy.
‘That is exactly why we are giving the NHS the largest funding increases in its history, and much-needed reform to 'decentralise' control and reward those who deliver results for patients,’ he said.
While the report recognised that Health Secretary has made some moves to 'decentralise' the running of health care in England, experts claim the Scottish Executive is refusing to loosen its grip on the NHS.
Any attempt to 'decentralise' organisations inevitably gives rise to problems of control and coordination which in turn lead to demands for greater central control.
Such negative state intervention was not possible in the much more 'decentralized' Western Europe.
His management style as governor, one of delegation and 'decentralization' , would be mirrored in his presidency.
However, issues like 'decentralisation' and devolution are part of our work programme.
Managements took steps to 'decentralise' budgetary control and devolve the management of the labour process to establishment level.
We relocated from London to York for my husband's work in 1994, when it first became fashionable for government departments to 'decentralise' their operations.
An administrative shake-up five years ago which 'decentralised' the services of all the Shepherd divisions meant that relatively few people were left in the building to administer group functions.
To execute on so many fronts, he has 'decentralized' the organization and delegated a lot of decision-making.
Some may be traditional anarchists, some economic-political 'decentralists' , some socialists, ecologists, democrats, liberals, conservatives, whatever.
‘In the coming years, we are likely to see even more changes to working habits as companies move towards a more 'decentralised' and flexible work force,’ he noted.
The State Government and the BMP had set up 30 ward committees in the city in June 2003 to 'decentralise' power at the local level.
In May 1860 Cavour promised the Chamber a more 'decentralized' system, and a parliamentary commission was set up.
If there is no way for the man on the spot to make use of this sort of information, which would be available to a central planner, then there may be no advantage in 'decentralizing' decision-making authority.
In developing a system design that seeks to balance centralist and 'decentralist' tendencies, policy makers might learn from British Columbia's rich history and from the experiences of other jurisdictions.
The Canadian Greens, 'decentralists' to a fault, would leave the issue mostly to the city to solve with funds from a fixed share of federal tax revenue.
It will centralise rather than 'decentralise' power.
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