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शुद्ध करना
they tried to decontaminate nearby villages
neutralize or remove dangerous substances, radioactivity, or germs from (an area, object, or person).
translation of 'decontaminate'
विसंदूषित कर देना
कीटाणुरहित करना,
शुद्ध करना,
कीटाणुराहित कर लेना,
संक्रामक रोगाणुओं से मुक्त करना
The British government donated #20 million to 'decontaminate' the sites, a process finally declared complete last week.
There's not much that wildlife health officials can do to prevent this, but they could try to 'decontaminate' high-risk areas or dissuade wild birds from visiting them - for example, by draining lakes.
Health workers should remove casualties' clothes and 'decontaminate' their skin then give them clean clothing, such as paper suits, to wear.
If contamination is suspected, 'decontaminate' the patient and environment following the facility's decontamination policies and procedures.
they tried to 'decontaminate' nearby villages
Contractors are currently working to 'decontaminate' the site, which has chromium and cadmium residues from the former foundry.
they tried to 'decontaminate' nearby villages
Staff at Broomfield Hospital's accident and emergency department are being given special training on how to 'decontaminate' victims of any biological, chemical, radioactive or nuclear incident.
York-based Persimmon Homes wants to build 148 flats and a three-storey office block on the former gasworks site in Heworth Green, and is willing to foot the bill to 'decontaminate' the site.
Clothing and bedding should also be 'decontaminated' .
Fire engines, ambulances, police and emergency services officers in full body biological protection suits with breathing apparatus are at the Embassy 'decontaminating' the site.
The trials show the importance of infection control in ambulances and that VHP is a highly effective product for 'decontamination' .
About 94 people were evacuated from the mail distribution centre, four of whom were 'decontaminated' and placed in hospital for observation.
The amount of toxic material in the area will cut the price of the land, but that will be offset by the potentially expensive cost of 'decontamination' .
This equipment will be vital for 'decontaminating' people who have come into contact with toxic or chemical materials.
The plants were growing well, and no one was allowed in the lab without wearing a full body clean suit and being 'decontaminated' by special showers.
Numerous hazardous sites around New Zealand have to be 'decontaminated' at considerable expense, but the people who have gained from producing those toxins have incurred no cost.
Three patients have caught a superbug in Kingston Hospital's intensive care unit, forcing staff to keep new patients in isolation while the area was fully 'decontaminated' .
The area has not been 'decontaminated' at all, and no environmental studies have measured the quantity of chemicals remaining in the soil and water.
Firefighters exposed to smoke and debris from the burning block had to be 'decontaminated' , with their firefighting clothes sealed and sent away to a specialist firm for deep cleaning.
The box and the depot area were 'decontaminated' and the powder removed for testing.
Fishermen who handled the packages of lethal powder immediately felt ill and required 'decontamination' .
If 'decontamination' were not possible, these areas would have to be abandoned for decades because of health risks, he said.
The smaller objects are taken to a row of tents where they are 'decontaminated' and picked over by detectives wearing protective suits and respirators.
It also recommends the MOD undertakes a full 'decontamination' of the site before it is released.
During the Clinton years, about 358 toxic sites were 'decontaminated' each year.
The emergency services sealed off the area and 'decontaminated' the affected staff.
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