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delectable handmade chocolates
(of food or drink) delicious.
translation of 'delectable'
This is a stylish cosy bar with 'delectable' drinks and soul-filled sounds.
Don't let a sugar-laden cookie, bar, pudding, cheesecake or 'delectable' cream puff pass your lips for seven days.
How jealous he felt as she looked at Jake, as if he was some 'delectable' cream pudding she would like to eat.
With a little effort, you can whisk the most 'delectable' puddings from custards, fruits, cream, sugar and nuts.
There are 'delectable' dishes of poultry, seafood, and lamb on the menu, which is extensive enough to satisfy the gourmet in you.
Master chefs have their hands full preparing a variety of 'delectable' dishes with zany flavours and tangy taste.
Since I'm almost done all my baking, I can share with you the most delicious and 'delectable' cookie recipes that I have made this year.
She could sense every delicious taste in the 'delectable' dessert.
Endearing, charming, sweet, delightful, cute, and 'delectable' constitute most of the list.
The delicate and 'delectable' paintings on display look strikingly different.
Also excellent are the marinated lamb skewers, served with 'delectable' peanut sauce.
Follow the islanders to find the most 'delectable' food in the area.
In reality, it's not a sacrifice - there are far too many 'delectable' foods on the healthy foods chart.
It takes a pretty good cook to turn meat, fish, vegetables and other ingredients into a 'delectable' dish.
The fillet or rump steaks are 'delectable' and reasonably sized, served with an array of mouth-watering sauces.
Many of our growing years have been spent tasting the 'delectable' food prepared by parents and grandparents.
Whether it's plucking 'delectable' mushrooms from the ground or pulling fruit straight off the trees, gathering wild food is incredibly satisfying.
The 'delectable' food during the festival remains acts as a magnet.
The huge bookshop was 'delectable' - an irresistible lure.
In the afternoon you turn the ingredients gathered into 'delectable' dishes.
Nanny is attractive, bright, 25 with a 'delectable' smile and good manners.
All in all, everything was 'delectable' , delightful, and pleasing.
Juicy mangoes are one of our most 'delectable' delights.
Are you willing to admit how many times you have bought those handmade, 'delectable' fruits dipped in chocolate right before your very eyes?
Licking the last of the 'delectable' onion sauce off his fork, he carefully pushed his cutlery together and sat back in his chair, satiated.
Early colonists of the Eastern seaboard were astonished by the abundance, size and 'delectability' of striped bass.
Leafy greens (including arugula, dandelion leaves and I think I even tasted sorrel) are 'delectably' dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh oregano.
Whether bloatedly grandiose or 'delectably' deflated, he exudes roguish, anarchic life, embattled or embottled, able to charm (since there are no birds out of the trees) fish out of the seas.
Barcelona is delightfully brash where Paris is 'delectably' haughty, but Madrid?
Oh, the sweetness of the irony, the 'delectability' of the situation.
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