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that first day at school depressed me
make (someone) feel utterly dispirited or dejected.
depress the lever
push or pull (something) down into a lower position.
I mean, to say they were depressed or despondent is too light.
(of a person) in a state of general unhappiness or despondency.
translation of 'depressed'
दबा हुआ
विनीत किया हुआ,
अवनत किया हुआ,
उदास किया हुआ
Several applications of this self - schema model to a clinical context with 'depressed' individuals are then highlighted.
The companies tend to locate their centres in economically 'depressed' areas with a surplus of cheap labour that can be employed on casual, flexible contracts.
‘He was clearly 'depressed' at the outcome’ and found talking to the man ‘very unpleasant’.
Indeed, the downside to public spending cutbacks is 'depressed' demand and job losses as well as reduced public services and continued inadequate infrastructure.
The long decline of shipbuilding had a downward multiplier effect on these regional economies which became the 'depressed' areas of inter-war Britain.
The high proportion of new cars on the road and the uncertainty over foot-and-mouth disease have 'depressed' activity in the used car market, dealers said.
When the lever is depressed against the handlebars by the pressure of the three fingers, the forefinger is not engaged by the 'depressed' lever, and thus control of the vehicle is improved.
The study found the antidepressant effect of BT to be robust among psychotic depressed and elderly 'depressed' patients.
For years, the economically 'depressed' town has been just another casualty of declining population, high unemployment and loss of industry.
He was 'depressed' , despondent, and in total despair.
Even before area steel mills began to shut down and lay off workers the area was economically 'depressed' .
This type of voice seems to be associated with shy and 'depressed' people, or with people who would prefer to be ignored rather than be heard and noticed.
Now, a once prosperous town is economically 'depressed' , unemployment has skyrocketed, and nobody can afford health insurance anymore.
This 'depressed' economic activity hurt employment figures and affected demand for housing, he said.
Yes, I miss Neil, but that's not why I'm 'depressed' .
Think of a day in the future when you will be able to test 'depressed' patients and identify antidepressants to which they would best respond.
I was really 'depressed' and upset about him winning the election, like a lot of people.
She sounded almost as if she were 'depressed' , or at least just generally unhappy.
When you are 'depressed' or upset, if someone tries to share their problems with you, you are unable to listen to them.
Whatever the cause, anyone who has suffered from depression or cared for a 'depressed' person knows the high price the illness exacts.
The list honors entrepreneurs who have chosen to grow their companies within some of America's most economically 'depressed' areas.
In addition, both the 'depressed' mothers and their infants received significantly lower scores in terms of interaction behaviors.
We elaborate on these extensions by also considering, where appropriate, assessment and treatment implications for 'depressed' individuals.
The lamps screw onto the stands with a sprung 'depressed' lever making them very secure and quick and easy to setup and pack away.
Those exposed as young or adult animals displayed 'depressed' activity.
This will mean that the buoyant region maintains full employment whereas the 'depressed' region exhibits a local labour demand shortfall.
This model is relevant to psychotherapy with 'depressed' clients.
Because of his stubborn nature, Gary is often 'depressed' and unhappy.
In order to easily retrieve the cases even from deeper luggage compartments all three models have a 'depressed' handle on the bottom side of the hull.
I was 'depressed' and saddened - I felt almost stateless.
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