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low wages mean that 3.75 million people suffer serious deprivation
the damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessities in a society.
translation of 'deprivation'
Sleep and food 'deprivation' , along with the forced adoption of extremely uncomfortable postures for hours on end, do the trick.
First, sleep 'deprivation' lowers levels of the hormone leptin, an absence of which can trigger the overconsumption of carbohydrates.
Sleep 'deprivation' also triggers seizures in people with some types of epilepsy.
In 1619 he narrowly escaped 'deprivation' of his office for not taking the sacrament in conformity to the five articles of Perth.
Strange rumours were afloat respecting the conduct of Charles; none of which, it is to be presumed, met the Baron's ears, or assuredly the 'deprivation' of his office would have followed.
low wages mean that 3.75 million people suffer serious 'deprivation'
Significant research has been done about sleep 'deprivation' at camp.
For example, one grantee is studying how developing nerve cells in the fetal brain respond to prolonged oxygen 'deprivation' .
Still, many business travelers consider sleep 'deprivation' a necessary ritual of being on the road.
A new survey says insomniacs suffer from an abundance of happiness or creativity, but sleep 'deprivation' isn't usually a reason to be cheerful.
The suspension of his pay and subsistence was no 'deprivation' of his office, any more than shaking off the apples is cutting down the tree.
However, the state of 'deprivation' of his possessions has continued.
The analysis of 32,482 neighbourhoods used 37 'deprivation' indicators to calculate the quality of life.
sleep 'deprivation'
The sensory 'deprivation' provided by the loss of any visual data can be unnerving.
Cornelius was put to the torture and on August 19 sentenced to 'deprivation' of his offices and banishment.
Short-term food 'deprivation' both standardized and maximized the motivation of individuals to compete for food resources during dominance trials.
Long term sleep 'deprivation' has negative consequences - you can die from lack of sleep quicker than a lack of food.
low wages mean that 3.75 million people suffer serious 'deprivation'
No one is allowed to threaten anyone with imprisonment or 'deprivation' of his office; for faith is the gift of God.
He claimed that he and his new bride Dymphna suffered material 'deprivation' when they were first in England.
If this is what happened to you, it may have been triggered by the sleep 'deprivation' and lack of food.
However, the condition was held to be unreasonable because it amounted to the 'deprivation' of property without proper compensation.
One-in-five parents are bad tempered because of sleep 'deprivation' while one in four said they are irritable with their partner.
Millions of people of all ages are affected by sleep problems, many with severe, chronic sleep 'deprivation' .
Research has linked noise pollution with a range of health problems including sleep 'deprivation' , high blood pressure and hearing loss.
He cited examples where junior members were subjected to sleep 'deprivation' and beatings if they were unable to finish their meals.
The women experienced food 'deprivation' , beatings, physical restraint and were forced to live in guarded barracks.
How can humans tolerate extreme oxygen 'deprivation' at very high altitudes?
There's nothing worse than sleep 'deprivation' - it drives you mad.
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