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diplomatic relations between the United States and Britain
of or concerning the profession, activity, or skill of managing international relations.
a diplomatic transcription
(of an edition or copy) exactly reproducing an original version.
translation of 'diplomatic'
नीति संबंधी,
व्यवहार कुशल,
Iran agreed to resume full 'diplomatic' ties with its former enemy Iraq.
I am 'diplomatic' in my ways and would never dream of causing offence.
He said the opening of a new 'diplomatic' mission in Brazil will offer opportunities to the Namibian business sector.
Reversing the policy adopted by previous administrations since 1917, the administration also granted 'diplomatic' recognition to the Soviet Union.
In his dealings with Cabinet colleagues he was 'diplomatic' and careful not to alienate.
He caused a 'diplomatic' incident by renaming the dog Dougal; the French deemed this a slur on Charles de Gaulle.
You can be 'diplomatic' , politic or polite or you can be blunt and honest.
While Currie is extremely polite and 'diplomatic' , it is clear he finds these frustrating and unhelpful.
Mercifully, this disgraceful insult to a proud nation was removed before it had a chance to cause a 'diplomatic' incident.
When Jefferson went on his first 'diplomatic' mission, he bought very expensive china.
A legislator disclosed to reporters recent attempts to seek new 'diplomatic' allies - an issue normally deemed top secret.
In a reciprocal gesture, Pakistan agreed to restore full 'diplomatic' ties with nuclear neighbor India.
His 'diplomatic' approach and concern for the staff ensured a smooth changeover.
Last year's winner Rich Hall was 'diplomatic' about the nature of the prize.
Hastings made the traditional post-match speech in French which almost caused a 'diplomatic' incident.
Your review, though 'diplomatic' , is completely off the mark - this film is an epic time waster.
Robson said discussions would take place about the form that 'diplomatic' relations with Afghanistan would take.
Their voyage will face flotillas of furious protesters and risk not only a major 'diplomatic' incident but the threat of terrorism.
He'd have to be very 'diplomatic' on the Iranian front.
France has supported more 'diplomatic' efforts be made to persuade Iraq to allow the return of weapons inspectors.
We should have and we need today to apply more 'diplomatic' effort to resolving that issue.
The war induced the opening of New Zealand's first 'diplomatic' relations with foreign powers.
Those seeking a true 'diplomatic' edition/transcription should consult the facsimile editions by Zupitza and by Kiernan et al.
The nuclear issue is Japan's most pressing 'diplomatic' concern at the moment.
You are subtle and 'diplomatic' while resolving conflicts and clashes today.
Henceforth UK interests were to be the concern of a British 'diplomatic' agent styled the British High Commissioner.
All Herbert scholars will welcome Mario Di Cesare's stunning 'diplomatic' edition of the Bodleian Manuscript.
With O'Neill, though, there is no need for 'diplomatic' rhetoric about the club having been turned around.
So it would appear that from now on I am going to have to be more tactful and 'diplomatic' in my meanderings.
Be a catalyst for change by letting your actions and voices be heard in a 'diplomatic' and tactful manner.
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