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an instance or fact of someone or something ceasing to be visible.
translation of 'disappearance '
चुपके से हट जाना,
भाग जाना
ग़ायब होना,
गुम होना,
खो जाना,
Wells et al. observed the 'disappearance' of rare species at a highly disturbed study area following watershed deforestation.
the police were investigating her 'disappearance'
However, war, natural disaster and negligence has led to their gradual 'disappearance' .
His family did not hear from him in the days after the attack and reported his 'disappearance' to the police.
His 'disappearance' prompted many to go and look for them.
Examination and comparison of these sources of information would help to resolve many cases of enforced 'disappearance' .
He said the police had been informed and were now investigating the mysterious 'disappearance' .
the police were investigating her 'disappearance'
Marc noticed the sudden 'disappearance' of her smile.
the 'disappearance' of grammar schools
She refused to make a written statement about the events surrounding the 'disappearance' of her daughter.
Liberalisation has meant the almost complete 'disappearance' of the manufacturing industry in a country such as Jamaica.
The 'disappearance' of some processes may be offset by an adequate technical record taken on site from those who worked in obsolescent industries.
Durocher did not say how police were alerted to the girl's 'disappearance' .
The 'disappearance' of mangroves will also lead to the loss of such precious native wisdom, says the booklet.
This led to the 'disappearance' of trees and streamside vegetation - and the loss of beaver habitat.
the 'disappearance' of grammar schools
In "Faithless, " two sisters explain the strange 'disappearance' of their mother.
Her 'disappearance' sparked a huge police search, with appeals going out across the UK.
The 'disappearance' of the library was a loss to Alexandria's eminence.
Despite the account being well publicized in all the papers, the mysterious 'disappearance' had remained unexplained.
"Insulin sensitivity " was defined as the ability of insulin to enhance glucose 'disappearance' and inhibit hepatic glucose production.
Woodward starred as the Scottish policeman investigating the 'disappearance' of a little girl.
The point is that capital movement works to bring about equality of interest and the 'disappearance' of entrepreneurial profit and loss.
I defined species loss as the 'disappearance' of a species from a plot subsequent to mowing.
the sun's 'disappearance' at night
His 'disappearance' prompted extensive searches by mainland police, family and friends.
After weighing the pros and cons Don decided not to report the 'disappearance' to the police.
The difficulty in dealing with her mum's sudden 'disappearance' was compounded when Sam discovered she was still living nearby.
‘The 'disappearance' of fallow areas will also be a loss for the biological diversity of the sanctuary,’ Buergin reported.
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