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take all violence out of television drama and you disconnect it from reality
break the connection of or between.
there can be a disconnect between boardrooms and IT departments when it comes to technology
a discrepancy or lack of connection.
translation of 'disconnect'
अलग करना,
बेमेल करना,
संबंध तोड़ना,
पृथक करना,
वियोजित करना,
I guess I felt a general 'disconnect' with life and with myself around that time.
Turn off and 'disconnect' the power cord during an electrical storm.
In the coming months, the potential for a 'disconnect' between voters and the policies of the new government's leaders is enormous.
Perhaps the answer to the 'disconnect' between stated parental goals and educational outcomes lies in the culture's traditional suspicion of education.
In January a similar move to 'disconnect' non-payers caused outrage when businesses across the city were put out of action.
I read that I had to 'disconnect' the monitor when I switched the computer on, for it to work.
A distinct pattern is beginning to emerge in the 'disconnect' between the words and deeds of the Administration.
Sometimes the 'disconnect' between the editorial page and the real world is so vast I wonder whether we can ever agree about anything any more.
When it comes to education and jobs, there's a real 'disconnect' between what we talk about in Washington and what people are experiencing.
Part of the 'disconnect' , here, seems to be cultural.
The circulating nurse covers the patient with warm blankets and works with the anesthesia care provider to 'disconnect' the monitoring devices.
Instead of feeling empowered, or united, there is a 'disconnect' .
there can be a 'disconnect' between boardrooms and IT departments when it comes to technology
If your aircraft is intact after an event, and you need the data from the device, remove or 'disconnect' the power plugs before applying any electrical power to the aircraft.
So I think there is a little bit of a 'disconnect' there.
take all violence out of television drama and you 'disconnect' it from reality
The people who are involved in this operation are under investigation by council officials and will be required to 'disconnect' their illegal connections or face prosecution.
Always 'disconnect' the appliance before cleaning.
The new law in the UK takes away water companies' powers to 'disconnect' water supply for non-payment, or to limit the supply with the intention of enforcing payment.
However, hydraulically driven attachments, such as augers, still require you to connect and 'disconnect' hydraulic lines by hand.
Turn off or 'disconnect' appliances or electronics you were using when the power went out.
My original gripe was with the lack of diversity and the total 'disconnect' of the media with its public.
I was still concerned enough to get up and 'disconnect' my answering machine and computer, as I know people who have had their phone lines struck by lightning.
a 'disconnect' message
And nothing causes more of a 'disconnect' between theory and truth than unexamined a priori assumptions.
there can be a 'disconnect' between boardrooms and IT departments when it comes to technology
Rites of passage, which 'disconnect' ritual moments from the normal flow of life, break the passage of time, representing it as a constant replay of opposed movements.
I made a mental note to 'disconnect' the machine next time he called.
There is a profound 'disconnect' between what we are told everyone wants and what people in the region actually want.
But at the same time, I thought there was a 'disconnect' there.
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