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Apart from immersing myself in music via my portable minidisc player, in almost all other areas technology is boring me, sometimes actively dissatisfying me.
fail to satisfy (someone).
small investors dissatisfied with rates on certificates of deposit
not content or happy with something.
translation of 'dissatisfied'
One of our key things is that we must deliver every single time, as you can't have a 'dissatisfied' client.
Disaffected, 'dissatisfied' adolescents are being kept away from the adult world for too long.
Pundits say he stole most of his votes from 'dissatisfied' separatists who believe their party lost its leftist ideals.
The company is also accused of refusing to accept goods back from 'dissatisfied' customers.
Handling complaints well can turn a 'dissatisfied' customer into a loyal one.
The 'dissatisfied' mass of the people has only two options: resignation or violence.
His wife is a supermarket cashier, increasingly 'dissatisfied' and angry with her lot.
On a premier course, a substandard product will result in 'dissatisfied' customers who will leave.
An information pack for 'dissatisfied' clients has also been produced.
A good reputation can be severely dented by a 'dissatisfied' cleaner or by a disgruntled customer.
Estimates vary, but it is reckoned that on average, a 'dissatisfied' customer tells between five and ten people of their bad purchase.
Teaching and learning will be increasingly important - not least because 'dissatisfied' students may go elsewhere.
All this practice breeds is confusion, inefficiency and 'dissatisfied' customers.
I have faith in democratically elected officials as I know I can always vote again if 'dissatisfied' .
Our job was to listen to 'dissatisfied' customers, list their complaints and then inform them that there was absolutely nothing we could do.
Thus, I am forced to the major recourse left for a 'dissatisfied' consumer: not buying from them again.
A coach can ride out a grumpy administration, 'dissatisfied' fans or damaging headlines.
Was it just a random robbery gone bad, or did the victim's former lover, or perhaps a 'dissatisfied' client, do the deed?
You may reduce your total receipts by compensation that you pay to the 'dissatisfied' customer but only up to the amount that the customer had paid you.
Brown's writing style is distinctly unchallenging and that means that the book can leave you somewhat 'dissatisfied' .
The story stopped before he chose doors, leaving you to mull 'dissatisfiedly' over the possibilities.
I initially dismissed the restaurant as just another takeout joint that I might 'dissatisfiedly' order from once and then ignore entirely thereafter.
Dia Mirza 'dissatisfied' with scripts being offered to her
Dissatisfied customers can demand service charge not be levied: Government
TRENDING: Thailand dissatisfied with Trilateral Highway progress
Every fourth patient visiting AIIMS dissatisfied: Survey
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