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went up the steps in two effortless bounds
requiring no physical or mental exertion.
translation of 'effortless'
A few lazy eights showcase the 'effortless' maneuverability of the aircraft's design.
As we get older, the first illusions we relinquish are our fantasies of an everlasting, 'effortless' romantic partnership.
His touch, style and seemingly 'effortless' movements make him the player to watch in this tournament.
It may look effortless, but it only looks 'effortless' because of incredible talent and diligence.
It's another recording of 'effortless' beauty that finds the band at their most relaxed and enjoyable.
But when he meets her, her 'effortless' charisma leads him to hire her as a dancer.
If we ensure these few things, working with our computers becomes an 'effortless' and satisfactory experience.
Two girls ran in front of the pack, their strides appearing easy and 'effortless' .
The strained limbs in his bronzes of ballerinas behind the stage expose the ordeals necessary to simulate an 'effortless' grace on the stage.
The young waiters offset all this history with their 'effortless' urban cool; one has sideburns you could ski-jump off.
The teams' 'effortless' passing and movement conjured two second-half goals.
You can use this to explore and find easy 'effortless' movements, which are tailored to your needs.
It seems that going smoke-free in Canada is neither an 'effortless' nor an inexpensive initiative.
And after a great day in the sunshine city, thousands had an 'effortless' journey to Old Trafford on the Metrolink.
It all looks so easy and 'effortless' up on the screen, but this is a very dangerous job.
I continued, an 'effortless' amble, heading back on a bridleway.
The 'effortless' and natural acting of the children add a unique flavour to the film making it realistic and palpable.
The steering is light and precise, the pedals are equally 'effortless' and the six-speed gearbox slots slickly from one gear to the next.
He shows 'effortless' charisma as he glides and even dances through the film.
Angela couldn't help but admire the woman's 'effortless' grace as she strode away.
Her style is 'effortless' , drop-dead elegance.
They epitomised 'effortless' style and glamour.
This is an 'effortless' dish, but you do need time to make it.
It is that expectation of discovery which makes the effort of travel often seem 'effortless' .
He is a passionate garden-maker, a sensualist blessed with an artist's eye and an 'effortless' sense of style.
Shorn of its string arrangement, Drake's incredible guitar playing and 'effortless' melodic sense are all the more apparent.
Ascending and descending needs to appear to be 'effortless' and natural.
She tells the story with seemingly 'effortless' grace and it reads like the very best novels.
Her brash buoyancy and his 'effortless' elegance lifted the audience into the stratosphere.
For an 'effortless' night out, however, you can't beat the cinema.
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