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she wouldn't embarrass either of them by making a scene
cause (someone) to feel awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed.
an embarrassing muddle
causing embarrassment.
translation of 'embarrassing'
I imagine it is very 'embarrassing' for them to be found out for being so secretive.
When younger, it occurred to me that giving him a nickname like ‘dribble boy’ would make it sound like he had an 'embarrassing' personal problem.
It is also 'embarrassing' for a team of our stature to go home without a victory.
the decision left us in an 'embarrassing' position
It's always slightly 'embarrassing' for anyone to talk about the meaning of life, especially if you're a philosopher.
this is potentially 'embarrassing' for the management
That was very 'embarrassing' for Dr Cullen, because he knows that in actual fact we are going backwards.
the government was involved in an 'embarrassing' scandal
that was an 'embarrassing' performance
It would have been far too 'embarrassing' for my father to allow the truth into the history.
He sometimes wet the bed too, which was kind of 'embarrassing' for a twelve-year old.
That was extremely 'embarrassing' for someone who does cognitive science and linguistics.
what an 'embarrassing' mistake to make!
that sort of thing is very 'embarrassing' for them
And discovery in the case could still prove very 'embarrassing' for him, as well as hurtful to his wife and children.
Excuse me now whilst I cringe at the 'embarrassing' display of confused angst that made an appearance in my last post…
I mean, to begin with, he works in a pharmacy, which means he has to deal with other people's very 'embarrassing' personal problems on a daily basis.
Not only is this an 'embarrassing' problem for you but it is also a potentially dangerous one.
The scoreline itself tells the full story of an 'embarrassing' and humiliating defeat for Waterford footballers in Ballinascreen.
we had an 'embarrassing' conversation with him
And were they to say no, it could all prove very 'embarrassing' for Tony.
she asked him some 'embarrassing' questions
Are cheap ‘value’ products packaged in order to make it 'embarrassing' for people who aren't ‘wacky students’ to buy them?
I'm a young, shy, gay male with a very 'embarrassing' problem.
It was becoming increasingly 'embarrassing' for Cork at this stage and a total collapse was on the cards.
It would be very 'embarrassing' for them to wash my clothes.
Is the topic potentially 'embarrassing' or uncomfortable?
It would be very 'embarrassing' for him to admit it to me.
Sadly, most of the essay is given over to arguments that are 'embarrassingly' bad.
It is, at once, the most brilliant and 'embarrassingly' bad movie I have ever seen.
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