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विलुप्त होने
the extinction of the great auk
the state or process of a species, family, or larger group being or becoming extinct.
ultraviolet extinction
reduction in the intensity of light or other radiation as it passes through a medium or object, due to absorption, reflection, and scattering.
translation of 'extinction'
The principle of automatic 'extinction' of the claim/debt on confusion has adverse consequences in the capital markets.
Will improved classification schemes allow better understanding of 'extinction' and radiation events?
The concentration was employed to transform the experimentally obtained absorption into 'extinction' coefficient spectra.
ultraviolet 'extinction'
Scientists are sharply divided over what caused the 'extinction' .
In addition, it may be due to possible variation in the light 'extinction' coefficient between seasons or during the crop growth period.
a private debt 'extinction' fund
It is evident from this figure that with increasing (leaf angle) the light 'extinction' in the leaf community decreases.
ultraviolet 'extinction'
the 'extinction' of the great auk
The policy of Immediate debt 'extinction' was initiated by Gallalin.
the 'extinction' of the great auk
The pattern of turnover within a stage is important for understanding the mechanisms of radiation and 'extinction' .
Each event includes one or more datum points when 'extinctions' and other biotic changes took place.
But how do mass 'extinctions' perturb these systems in the first place?
The result will be a series of mass 'extinctions' and a dramatic fall in the planet's biodiversity, as well as its ability to support humankind.
We have more difficulty with the concept of mass 'extinctions' .
Prominent biologists say we're on par with the five previous mass 'extinctions' in the history of life on earth.
Regardless of the variables he plugged in, the presence of human hunters triggered mass 'extinctions' .
Some explanations for 'extinctions' and evolution include strikes by asteroids or comets.
Marine fossil evidence tells of numerous 'extinctions' , global mass extinction, and geochemical events.
Globally, diversity naturally has increased over time, though the great mass 'extinctions' have decreased it for a while.
We're facing critical mass 'extinctions' across a whole variety of ecosystems once the two degree level has been crossed, from coral reefs to rainforests.
Are we headed for mass 'extinctions' for animal, bird and plant life?
There have been five major mass extinctions and more than 20 minor mass 'extinctions' .
Unlike previous mass 'extinctions' this current episode is due to the disruptive activities of just one species, man.
He downplayed the importance of developmental constraints, of mass 'extinctions' , and species selection.
I recall hearing some scientist mention that mass 'extinctions' seem to occur in very ordered cycles.
Note that several Cambrian and early Ordovician mass 'extinctions' are not shown here.
There have been at least five mass 'extinctions' till now, all by natural forces.
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