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फायर फाइटर
Waiting on the ground were police officers and firefighters as well as ambulance crews.
a person whose job is to extinguish fires.
translation of 'firefighter'
आग बुझानेवाला,
As a 'firefighter' , I attended three median fires in two days caused by tossed cigarettes.
I have been a professional 'firefighter' for nearly 32 years and a driver for 28 of those years.
Allan has been a 'firefighter' with Strathclyde Fire Brigade for five years.
I am a 'firefighter' based at Bispham fire station and was horrified and a little upset to read what one of your readers had written in to say.
For firefighters, it is a duty and an honour to attend a fellow 'firefighter' 's funeral.
Nobody could claim they were twice as useful to society as a teacher, a 'firefighter' or a nurse.
The fire burned for two days as 'firefighters' tried to reach those trapped inside.
He called on the government to pay 'firefighters' a decent wage for the lifesaving work they do.
When 'firefighters' arrived the fire had already gone out and the woman was out of the building.
Uunknown to him, Williams was calling the police and 'firefighters' at the same time.
He added officers did not know if anyone was inside, so 'firefighters' kicked the front door in.
Residents are to be asked to fork out to pay for extra police and 'firefighters' .
It took nine policeman and four 'firefighters' to remove the three female protesters.
She gave the couple fire survival guidance while 'firefighters' rushed to the scene.
Waiting on the ground were police officers and 'firefighters' as well as ambulance crews.
Lives could be put at risk if changes envisaged by the Government for 'firefighters' go ahead.
Nobody was hurt in the blaze, the cause of which is being investigated by 'firefighters' .
The fire spread to a garden shed but the 'firefighters' managed to stop it spreading to the house.
One change will cut the number of 'firefighters' on an engine from five to four.
Over the years 'firefighters' and security guards have been caught lighting blazes.
Firefighter dies in biggest California wildfire
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Randeep Hooda to train Mumbai firefighters in MMA
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