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trees and grass glittered with dew
shine with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.
glittering chandeliers
shining with a shimmering or sparkling light.
translation of 'glittering'
प्रकाश फेंकना
Soon a small column of figures appears on the horizon, snaking down an embankment in the 'glittering' morning light.
At night, it looks out on a fairyland of Manhattan's 'glittering' lights.
He lived in Arkansas until he graduated from high school and returned in 2001 after a 'glittering' military career.
Above the front door was a 'glittering' chandelier.
Flashing brilliant sparks of 'glittering' light as they hover and dart among flowers, hummingbirds evoke a surreal magic.
My eyes were drawn to the exotic colors of beautiful gowns and 'glittering' jewels the Thai ladies wore.
His maddened eyes, as if by a miracle, was cleared of frost and he was able to see the 'glittering' moon shining on the mysteries of the forest.
The morning was gray and overcast, but now the sun has come out of hiding and is scattering its golden light like so many 'glittering' coins through the woods around us.
However, that reverse should not take away anything from the 'glittering' career of a colt that helped bring closer ties between horse racing and football.
The ship really comes into its own at night when there is a 'glittering' array of entertainment.
Gold stitching and 'glittering' jewels were placed in intricate designs at carefully determined places.
Kids who made a difference won acclaim at a 'glittering' ceremony of police " oscars".
MEN who dedicate their time to community work were rewarded at a 'glittering' ceremony.
Overhead, a 'glittering' canopy of stars shimmers around the broad sweep of the Milky Way.
I have always taken much pride in being part of that tradition, a tradition which has given birth to a large number of 'glittering' international careers.
The impression given is of a 'glittering' career, effortlessly achieved.
Unfortunately, my mother misinterpreted my behaviour and thought I was destined for a 'glittering' musical career.
One by one they began to rain down on the earth, shining brightly in a 'glittering' dance before they faded at the edge of the world.
His poised, dramatic, modern-sounding music brings to mind fragments of 'glittering' light.
Masses of 'glittering' stars that shone from an ebony sky lit our trail.
He ran his hand through his brown hair, his 'glittering' blue eyes inspecting girls who walked by.
I tore my eyes away from the 'glittering' chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
I nodded and took in the 'glittering' lights of downtown Palm Beach.
The 'glittering' prize for the more adventurous is fishing beyond the dreams of Hemmingway.
The earth began to spin, as a spray of 'glittering' lights, shimmered around me.
He won many other honours in his 'glittering' career at club level, and of course donned the county jersey in different footballing grades countless times.
It's a 'glittering' affair, with over 500 scientists and their guests gathered at a black tie dinner in the Great Hall at Parliament House.
It tells of a young actress's attempts to emulate her mother's 'glittering' career on the London stage just before the Second World War.
At night the township looks like a blanket of 'glittering' diamonds, blue and orange lights flickering.
For most ballerinas, such a 'glittering' career would be enough of a workload.
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