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दुनिया का चक्कर लगाने वाला,
That doesn't mean would-be 'globetrotters' must give up their dreams of adventures abroad, though.
They are true 'globetrotters' - no wonder humankind has always envied them!
Now that every self-respecting traveller has a tri-band mobile phone, there is a high risk of either the 'globetrotter' or the loved one at home disturbing the slumbers of the other.
This bistro offers a relaxed Mediterranean ambience and an affordable 'globetrotter' of a menu, ensuring there's something to suit all tastes.
He said he is not very widely travelled and does not describe himself as a 'globetrotter' .
Bangalore has today many a 'globetrotter' , foreign delegate, and tourist.
As he and his aides 'globetrot' , then nation is being let down on the home front.
The film contains details of the travels of the two 'globetrotters' , and will be played during the exhibition.
Whether I'd be happy about any of the children 'globetrotting' on a gap year is another question entirely.
And his ambition has been been aided by improvements in equine air travel, which has allowed horses to become 'globetrotters' .
Now it seems the government too is determined to fret over the 'globetrotters' .
And there is little evidence that he wants to 'globetrot' .
He later switched to catering for high rollers only, but is now an international 'globetrotter' whose ambitious plans for development in south-east Asia could make him the biggest player of all.
Having 'globetrotted' round 30 countries in the past few years alone, what does he believe is the secret of a successful travel writer?
It is a far cry from the zany 'globetrotter' of his stage shows.
A big perk of the amateur boxing world is travel, and he still talks excitedly about his 'globetrotting' experiences.
Being a peripatetic 'globetrotter' , I have always found ATMs wherever I have touched ground and by paying cash, I have often been able to get cash discounts of up to half the card commission fee.
Never before has he cut such a powerful figure on the world stage, an adrenaline-charging sensation for the 'globetrotter' and an uplifting spectacle for his audience back home.
‘Direct me to the hotel spa’ is the new mantra of smart 'globetrotters' .
Although seven hundred years have passed since Marco Polo made his illustrious twenty-five-year journey across Asia, his daring adventure continues to inspire 'globetrotters' .
As her two children had already grown up and gone, Susan soon decided to sell the house and become a 'globetrotter' .
Always a 'globetrotter' , he lives half the year in Moscow where he has a huge following.
And it is only thanks to his scheme that he is now a well-travelled 'globetrotter' .
His life is charmed; drunken bets leading to madcap 'globetrots' .
Shotgunners were also traveling to South Africa, New Zealand and elsewhere in their 'globetrotting' travels.
Traditional divisions might play on the minds of English players, but it should not upset the current bunch of 'globetrotters' .
They may have almost drowned and nearly been thrown off a beach by angry natives, but one 'globetrotting' couple from Bamford have never lost their taste for travel.
But with a 12-hour trip on three aeroplanes ahead of her, the 'globetrotting' 33-year-old set off three weeks early to make sure she arrived on time.
She's a 'globetrotter' , even though she would never use that word.
A 'globetrotting' travelogue of unusual customs and rituals from around the world.
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