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He said revised planning policy guidance strengthened Government policy in favour of building on previously developed sites before greenfield sites.
relating to or denoting previously undeveloped sites for commercial development or exploitation.
translation of 'greenfield'
Villagers are facing defeat in their fight to block plans for a huge housing development on a 'greenfield' site at Brompton-on-Swale, near Richmond.
He also announced changes in the planning rules to discourage housing development on 'greenfield' sites in areas of low demand.
Residents are unhappy about the scale of the proposed development and its location on a 'greenfield' site.
The company is also set to begin construction on a 'greenfield' development in Kilkenny.
The main areas for development are on 'greenfield' sites near Stansted Airport and in parts of south Essex.
Riskier again are development funds, which purchase 'greenfield' sites in the hope that these will prove suitable for commercial property development.
A government source pointed out that, as it is a 'greenfield' site ‘the developers have an almost blank canvas on which to design’.
Using council figures, York's Environment Forum has demonstrated that York's housing need can be met without developing 'greenfield' sites.
New planning requirements have blocked or delayed the release of 'greenfield' land.
The council should put more of its energy into tackling the important issues of house crime and conservation of 'greenfield' sites, rather than making life more difficult for parents.
He said revised planning policy guidance strengthened Government policy in favour of building on previously developed sites before 'greenfield' sites.
It is thought it may recommend tax credits for developers who build on brownfield sites, and possibly development taxes on developers who hold idle 'greenfield' sites.
Cala Homes yesterday submitted an application for the huge 'greenfield' development at Barton Farm.
He warned that if these issues are not addressed, the shortfall in housing may need to be met by the development of other areas, and that could mean 'greenfield' sites.
Developers are proposing mini housing estates in leafy suburbia as current policies deter them from 'greenfield' sites.
The company plans to build a technical support and customer service centre on a 'greenfield' site in Galway.
The area we ended up in, if it was in Britain, would be called a 'greenfield' development site.
Current legislation forbids development of 'greenfield' sites for housing but permits it for schools.
Councillors rejected the plan because they said other brownfield sites should be considered before using this large 'greenfield' location.
‘Abbotstown is a 'greenfield' site and would be much easier to develop,’ said a private sector source.
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