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a man of impeccable character
(of behavior, performance, or appearance) in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless.
translation of 'impeccable'
I have chosen it because of the 'impeccable' reputation of the journalists concerned.
Such cases are the black sheep to an otherwise 'impeccable' theory.
The beryl brings before us the 'impeccable' humanity of Christ - his spotless, sinless life.
With 'impeccable' timing and grace, we were then led through to our table.
But it's a minor blip on an otherwise 'impeccable' soundscape.
The line, a showstopper by any standard, was reinforced with 'impeccable' finish and an eye for detail.
He did what he always does to his usual 'impeccable' standards.
No, we'll be putting such things as 'impeccable' taste aside for now.
They epitomise the simple but 'impeccable' standards of the band.
By winning 21 titles on the PGA Tour, he has set his own 'impeccable' standards.
I have 'impeccable' taste in music, and everything that I like is cool.
His accent was stronger than his daughter's, but his clarity just as 'impeccable' .
They were in absolutely 'impeccable' form that night.
As you would expect, with such a large field to choose from, the technical standard is 'impeccable' .
His precise Irish pedigree is not clear, but his self-made man credentials are 'impeccable' .
Many people say that he was someone of 'impeccable' integrity.
His playing is technically 'impeccable' and bears a distinct stamp of his own charismatic style.
Her writing and pedaling credentials are 'impeccable' , and her accumulated mileage impressive.
They are graduates of the best universities and are highly intelligent with impressive degrees and speak 'impeccable' English.
The beauty of the designs is heightened through the intricate, untarnished and 'impeccable' finish.
She sings with a conversational freedom and 'impeccable' , colloquial diction.
Unless, of course, you just PREACH 'impeccability' and are not in the habit of PRACTICING it, too!
Always 'impeccably' dressed, his perfect image became his main political message.
The brave risk of such small-scale 'impeccability' and tastefulness lies in the possibility of underwhelming jaded ears (such as my own), but the restraint is rewarding and laudable.
But part of our challenge is to bring a certain precision and 'impeccability' to our efforts.
Despite the personal involvement of the author and his family, it is objective, and 'impeccably' researched.
The piano and string arrangements are uniformly excellent and 'impeccably' recorded.
Justice and charity require us to do the best we can to respect and support our pastors: that doesn't oblige us to credit them with 'impeccability' or unfailing wisdom.
Elsewhere, the island is quiet, mountainous, green and 'impeccably' clean.
The result is wonderfully direct music-making, all 'impeccably' and naturally accomplished.
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