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a woman of indomitable spirit
impossible to subdue or defeat.
translation of 'indomitable'
न बदनेवाला,
After all, I have an 'indomitable' spirit, and a little blood-letting was not going to buckle me.
This is an eloquent testimony to her determination, 'indomitable' spirit and steadfast commitment to the cause.
She will be well remembered for her role as matriarch of a large family her 'indomitable' spirit and brilliance at the piano.
It was typical of the 'indomitable' spirit of these women that all the way, despite the pain, she joked with those who were carrying her.
Yet, in the midst of this chaos this fragile city hung together by a slender thread that is the city's 'indomitable' spirit and heart.
She is a woman with an 'indomitable' spirit and unshakeable views.
He inspired all who knew him with his 'indomitable' determination to lead an active life in the face of serious illness.
Seeding a great vision and an 'indomitable' spirit to achieve India's freedom took place around 1857.
Her 'indomitable' spirit has helped her overcome many hurdles over the years.
But they got there and have remained due to their 'indomitable' spirit.
Their energy is bottomless, their spirit 'indomitable' , their contribution invaluable.
But that was without giving due reckoning to this team's 'indomitable' spirit.
Is it the 'indomitable' spirit that drives the exhaustion out of him?
Out of the wreckage of war sometimes come uplifting tales of the 'indomitable' human spirit.
Yet her heart is not broken, nor is her 'indomitable' spirit.
Needless to say, he was a man of 'indomitable' spirit who moved a nation, the perfect companion for a dying friend.
He was struck by the 'indomitable' spirit of the Tibetans, impressed enough to want to contribute somehow.
An 'indomitable' spirit, a large heart, an inspirational soul, and a man with a message.
To be successful one should have a combination of curiosity, imagination and 'indomitable' spirit.
As the exhibition clearly demonstrates, she has become an icon of 'indomitable' spirit and hope.
Of negligible military value, the revolt became a symbol of the 'indomitableness' of the human spirit.
They are mainly people marked by a harsh childhood, victims of a society which survived by dint of imposition and whose lives created an 'indomitably' rebel spirit.
Were it a testimony to the 'indomitableness' of human nature, it would be crushing.
She overcame them through conviction, self-confidence and 'indomitability' .
The persistence of all these differences is a tribute to an 'indomitably' unbiddable spirit and may even be a useful metaphor against conformism in other fields too.
For the next forty-five twilit years of eclipse, he was to carry on, a true Man of Letters, 'indomitably' writing - in Nassau, Paris, and Menton.
None of us is infinitely wise, impossibly strong or 'indomitably' virtuous.
It's hard to suddenly be vulnerable when you've spent a lifetime cultivating 'indomitability' .
The photograph confirms what everyone knows: she was indomitable, 'indomitably' feminine and a damned nuisance.
It also speaks to the 'indomitableness' of the human spirit in the face of even the most severe restrictions.
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