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‘Having said that, there has been some erosion on the part of community influentials , leaders, even some money people,’ he said.
an influential person.
her work is influential in feminist psychology
having great influence on someone or something.
translation of 'influential'
They are won by a side's most 'influential' characters controlling the ebb and flow of a game.
He had a knack for attracting some fearfully powerful enemies as well as many 'influential' friends.
He won the election and thus lead one of the most 'influential' and powerful states in America.
The three were highly 'influential' in building up a strong mathematics research school in Chicago.
It's a chart of prominent bloggers saying who they think the most 'influential' bloggers are.
The talented women authors cited above were 'influential' beyond their cookbooks.
Schwinger was one of the most important and 'influential' scientists of the twentieth century.
So a handful of votes will determine the direction of the world's most powerful and 'influential' country.
More importantly, it gave the publisher an 'influential' title that brought in advertisers.
He is the second most powerful figure in one of the most 'influential' parties in Africa.
These issues are unlikely to be 'influential' as the review is dominated by a few larger studies.
She is now regarded as one of the most 'influential' and important artists of the 20th century.
His writings also contain a distinctive and 'influential' vision of Australia's past.
So, what do you think is the most important and 'influential' car ever to be sold in Britain?
National actors play important and 'influential' roles at all stages of the EU policy process.
There is no evidence to support the assertion that he was an important and 'influential' teacher.
She then went to work for one of the most powerful, 'influential' billionaires on the planet.
A quarter of a century on, the clergyman remains a powerful and 'influential' figure even in death.
His sermons were 'influential' in formulating a distinctive Anglican theology.
Klotzko seems to have met many of the 'influential' authorities in the field.
Research indicates that online readers are affluent, educated, and tech-savvy - the elite 'influentials' and opinion leaders of the Internet.
The problem is that the 'influentials' don't always reveal their corporate backing.
Both wrote 'influentially' in the mid-1940's and through my reading for this paper, I discovered that they had already articulated the main issues which I was struggling to formulate.
Benedict Anderson has argued 'influentially' that the nation is an imagined community.
Howard's problem is not with ill informed battlers but with politically aware 'influentials' .
The advertisements were widely and 'influentially' published in many newspapers and financial magazines in April and May 1999.
The ending of the aldermanic system and the more frequent turnover of councillors have probably reduced the possibilities for the emergence of such experienced 'influentials' .
We like the idea of 'influentials' because then you can see cause and effect quite easily.
Most 'influentially' , Walter Scott managed it here, but did it have the desired result?
We call them the global business 'influentials' .
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