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quiet introspection can be extremely valuable
the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes.
translation of 'introspection'
It is here that meditation leads to 'introspection' , foundation for humane thinking.
All this promotes attention, and makes 'introspection' difficult, which is rather the point.
quiet 'introspection' can be extremely valuable
I enjoy brisk walks, and try to use the time for creative 'introspection' and meditation.
Establish a comfort zone with the child before you ask for quiet observation or 'introspection' .
From the internal viewpoint of 'introspection' , mental reality is composed of sensations and images.
Consider 'introspection' , one's awareness of one's own conscious states.
Wendy nodded her acknowledgement and continued her silent 'introspection' at the table.
A certain amount of seclusion for contemplation and 'introspection' might be beneficial.
Both sang with a great deal of quiet, agonising 'introspection' .
There are passages of quiet contemplation and 'introspection' that belie any sense of terror.
quiet 'introspection' can be extremely valuable
They hate their own company and find 'introspection' morbid and depressing.
Then red is replaced by green, 'introspection' by attention, and we pull off.
The problem is that men tend to heal in private, through 'introspection' and quiet thinking.
Working at the last minute involves a bit of 'introspection' coupled with strict scheduling.
The transitoriness of life, 'introspection' and spiritual pursuits, are his eternal themes.
I treat life as a dance if I can; an interplay between quiet 'introspection' and head on participation.
The play of light through the space has overtones of spirituality and 'introspection' .
I tried to write it in a way that showed that it brought about a spot of 'introspection' and self-analysis on my part.
In a way, it actually sets the stage for her thoughtful 'introspection' that follows throughout the rest of the album.
But I also know that such behaviour can lead to self-obsession and undue 'introspection' .
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