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it would have been irresponsible just to drive on
(of a person, attitude, or action) not showing a proper sense of responsibility.
translation of 'irresponsible'
बिना जवाबदेही का,
The intention of the opposition parties to boycott the poll is 'irresponsible' in the extreme.
But I do believe it was a little 'irresponsible' on our part.
Card firms should stop sending unsolicited credit-card cheques to cardholders, which MPs regard as wholly 'irresponsible' lending.
We are appalled at the 'irresponsible' attitude you have displayed in condoning such anti-social behaviour.
I think they are evading their responsibility in a grossly 'irresponsible' way.
'irresponsible' behaviour
"That's an instance of 'irresponsible' behaviour by the management of a pub.
Perhaps they could be put to work decorating old buildings reclaimed from 'irresponsible' owners.
To have conducted the investigation in any other manner would have been grossly 'irresponsible' .
Of course they can be dangerous if used by criminals or the criminally 'irresponsible' .
But since this was such a high profile case, the judge did not want to seem 'irresponsible' .
I consider this crop circle story an example of very 'irresponsible' reporting.
'irresponsible' driving
Again, it must be associated with abnormally aggressive or seriously 'irresponsible' conduct.
What is being negated, in a totally 'irresponsible' manner, is the uniqueness of the atomic bomb.
it was 'irresponsible' of them to leave her alone
Call him 'irresponsible' if you want, but Charlie Ford is going to ride around.
And additional spending of that nature is seen to be fiscally 'irresponsible' .
Professor Coates's critics have called him 'irresponsible' for declaring his personal decision.
By contrast, socially 'irresponsible' companies will gradually be abandoned and lose orders as well.
But what the BJP is doing now is totally 'irresponsible' behaviour.
to talk in an 'irresponsible' manner
The letters and calls that hit the paper complained of 'irresponsible' journalism.
"The judge called us highly 'irresponsible' and if I was in his position I would have done the same.
But what if the people, collectively, behave as 'irresponsibly' as their elected officials are sometimes wont to do?
I've never been arrested; I've never acted 'irresponsibly' or inappropriately.
He acted 'irresponsibly' , and way over the top for that sort of situation.
But having been given a reason to act, Israel has acted 'irresponsibly' .
Unlike the greedy profiteers and corporate chieftains who actually made money on those stocks, we were not acting 'irresponsibly' .
Better to try and fail than not to try at all, was his response to those who accused him of rashness and 'irresponsibility' .
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