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no excuses were made for the team's lackluster performance
lacking in vitality, force, or conviction; uninspired or uninspiring.
translation of 'lackluster'
बिना चमक का
Instead of the normal, clear bright eyes that she had engraved in her mind, these eyes were bloodshot and 'lackluster' .
Sadly, the good vibes wore off very quickly as we became depressed by the gauzy colours, dark underpainting and 'lackluster' watercolours.
The simple tricks are easy to execute, but the 'lackluster' gameplay doesn't make combos any easier.
We've even used it at our Shape recipe taste tests - to spice up a 'lackluster' frittata and an uninspired sandwich.
Its nourishing shea butter formula also gives conditioning shine to 'lackluster' locks.
The quality of the video is also pretty 'lackluster' , sporting weak black levels and generally dull colors.
The brewer said 'lackluster' demand at bars and clubs was compounded by the dollar's drop against the euro.
Unless you live in the tropics, even the most toned among us is apt to uncover 'lackluster' skin when summer comes.
The scholarship is substantial, but the writing is a bit dull and 'lackluster' .
Janis Joplin is the only artist at the top of her game; most of the other groups give 'lackluster' and bland performances of their songs.
The Japanese track is simple stereo, which seems 'lackluster' in comparison to the English dub.
Now your skin is 'lackluster' and your eyes are sporting dark shadows.
That's about all there is to the game, but just because the formula is simple, didn't need to mean the gameplay was 'lackluster' .
Real-life DIs are generally 'lacklustre' , dead-pan and dull - if you want proof, watch Crimewatch.
Duncan Smith's uninspiring leadership and his 'lacklustre' shadow cabinet failed to make any initial impact on the electorate.
The 'lacklustre' second-quarter performance has fuelled fears the economy could dip back into recession.
That will make their next year of study dull and 'lacklustre' .
The coffee was strong, her grey eyes 'lacklustre' , her dull hair stringy, just like during the torn days.
A very 'lacklustre' performance meant that the Killarney side made a tame exit from the glamour competition of Irish basketball.
What's the best way to add sparkle to 'lacklustre' hair?
Some iconic works have been imitated so often that the original, viewed years later, seems to appear faded and 'lacklustre' .
Its stock market performance has been 'lacklustre' and investors are being advised to stay away until full-year results are revealed next month.
He became a brilliant campaigner for his new party, far surpassing the 'lacklustre' performance of his liberal and social democratic opponents.
It's better to have loved and lost than to be in a 'lacklustre' and uninspiring relationship for the rest of your life.
He comes nearer and nearer, sizes up his victim with his bulging 'lacklustre' eyes and drives it mad.
But Japan has been wrestling for more than a decade with falling prices and a 'lacklustre' economic performance.
Skynet's performance and the 'lacklustre' response prompted a more socially focused experience.
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